Wrapping Up This Week - when a week ends with April 15th you know for sure next week will be better

So, last Saturday I hit my favorite local flea market and I should say that flea markets in New Jersey are not like those massive markets in other places

(we hold onto our junk here and only sell things when we are desperate for cash for really important things that are pretty much unaffordable like college tuition and gasoline)

it's a real hit or miss place.

I did find these 3 pieces though -

1. a baby scale -

no, I don't have a baby and cannot imagine that at one time actual real-live babies were placed on this thing and I already have a vintage kitchen scale and a vintage postal scale and there are not alot of reasons I would need a vintage baby scale

except for the really cute baby on the front that made this thing irresistable ...

2. an old farm sink -

I have no clear idea what I will do with this and I know you are probably thinking PARTY and imagining it filled with ice and brewskis - but I have no friends remember so that will probably not work for me and I won't be planting anything in this bad boy because that would be a little too expected - I will have to think about this ... but I just couldn't pass it up - it is HUGE

3. an old grocery scale

(I am really not obsessed with scales ... really ... although now that I think of it maybe this is getting a little scary since I own a kitchen scale, a postal scale, a baby scale and a grocery scale - my only prerequisite to any kind of scale purchase is that I cannot be able to actually weigh myself with it ... that would be really scary)

The winner of last week's giveaway (drumroll please) for Studio724's amazing bag is (chosen by random.org):

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Note - I had a couple people this week email me to let me know that most blog giveaways require the entrants to visit the giveaway shop and that maybe I should require that, too, so I just thought I would clear up why I sometimes do that and sometimes don't in case people are wondering.

Most of my giveaways are my creative tithes- giving part of what I make online back to the creative community so I usually buy the giveaway item or I trade for it and in those cases I do not require an entrant to visit the shop although I certainly hope they do and I try to find cool stuff that they will really want to check out! If I require the entrant to visit the shop it is because the item was donated by the shop and the shopkeeper wants a visit for their donation (and they should!) - I hope this clears that up!

Have an amazing weekend everyone - my taxes are still sitting on TurboTax's server waiting for my trigger finger to hit SEND - I keep thinking I will suddenly remember a deduction I have forgotten - I hope yours are done and you are getting a great big refund!

Also a heads up that my cork dog leash may be on Kathie Lee and Hoda next week as part of The Art of Reuse Project - I had to overnight it to them - fingers crossed!

(Olive is a bit pissed to part with it though)


Allie said...

Good luck with your package that you sent out, my fingers are crossed for you. You have a very lovely blog to visit. I can't wait to see what you do with that old sink :) That will be one ambitious project to say the least. I think my husband would have a fit if I came home with that. He does not always understand the "vision" one can have. Good luck!

Catherine Ivins said...

well... my husband has been known to throw a short fit or two ... not when I buy it, but when I use it for something he's not that into or put it somewhere where people might 'see' it - ha! but he has his own junk - it's just better hidden


KJ said...

Good luck to you on getting your dog leash on Kathie Lee and Hoda.

When I saw the sink I immediately thought potting shed. It is a great work sink and there is no need to re-imagine it otherwise. Don't you have big grimy messes to clean up outside of the house? Actually, when I imagined the sink I thought of a really nice shed, well organized, white washed, pots on shelves, projects in process, tools hung on the wall, and that sink surrounded by a big counter.

Amy said...

yay for flea markets! You know, I don't even own one scale, though I really do need a postal scale.

My favorite antique flea market is the first weekend of every month, and I haven't been there since before winter. I can't wait to go back!

Anonymous said...

Love the scales and that sink is AWESOME!! I am thinking something to do with a potting bench for gardening... one side could be for washing and cleaning, and the other side hold soil or something??


Jane Pierce aka zJayne said...

Do do post the dog leash feature if that's possible!

Do do update if and when something creative comes about from these fun finds!

Do do keep offering giveaways (and thanks for explaining what shouldn't need to be but ever so done sincerely and fun too)

No more do do's...
Do like ya a bunchola!
Take care,

Cardinal Lane Farms said...

I had an antique sink similar to yours that I used when I set up sales in my barn. I displayed bags of my hand blended primitive potpourri.When I wasn't doing sales or shows I used it for extra storage. It was great!

Catherine Ivins said...

these are some great ideas- thanks everyone


Unni Strand said...

Actually, I could make good use of that farm sink for my silk screen cleaning. Maybe you should start silk screen printing?
And, it would look (and work) fabulous as a raised (think life-cycle gardening here) bed for vegetables.

Sell WoW Account said...

flea markets are the best! you wanna buy stuffs there without any reason. hahaha