Upcycled Wine Cork Heart Tutorial - wear your heart on the wall not on your sleeve

I probably should be making this in the shape of an Easter egg this week, but I felt the need for another stab at making a heart

(some of you may remember my rubberband heart fiasco)

Now you could make this on a piece of wood or heavy cardboard cut into a heart shape or matboard inside a frame, but I have a clipboard fixation so we will make this with a clipboard.

If you have an old metal one this would be even more amazing with magnets on the back of your corks.

You will need: wine corks, chalk or paint, glue (I like gorilla glue because it is strong and you have some maneuvering time before it dries, but any good wood glue will do), clipboard, paper and scissors

1. weigh out about a lb of corks (just kidding) 2. fold a piece of paper and cut out a heart the way we did for valentines when we were kids 3. use this heart as a template and lightly trace your heart onto your clipboard - or whatever surface you are using 4. randomly chalk a few cork edges and then distress with black chalk (make sure to leave the most flat edge of the cork for the back and check your hands this stuff is messy) 5. lay out your heart edge 6. glue in place 7. fill in the middle glueing as you go

Just grab some thumbtacks and hang all your important notes or not so important notes!

If you decide to make one of these and use a Staples clipboard (like I did) and need a little magnet to cover the Staples logo hit the let's chat link on the right and let me know your address and I will pop something in the mail to you.

Note - I later gave the cork edges a quick spray of a sealer - a good idea if you use chalk!


Unknown said...

What a neat and very useful project! It looks fantastic too :) Thanks for this fun post. I think I'll try to make one for my home.

Jingle said...

I love this idea! So cute!

Courtney Breul said...

I love this idea! Thank you. Off to start saving corks.

lynn bowes said...

My first cork project was a wreath made from corks I saved while working at a restaurant back in the 80s. I thought I had enough corks but quickly found that it takes a gazillion corks to cover an 18" straw wreath. That and an enormous amount of toothpicks.

I worked on it so long that I still have it as a reminder to never try that again. Your heart is much more manageable :: lynn

Catherine Ivins said...

I did the same thing Lynn ... once

l'actrice said...

What a cool idea. Happy Easter Cat:-)