how are you? fine, I hope ...

I've been trying to post for an hour and a half - I've lost 2 posts, 3 pounds and a demented boggle (ie beagle/boston terrier, ie mutt) who fled the room when I screamed NOT AGAIN! at blogger ... sigh

I have no energy left to rewrite what was about to be my most phenomenal post ever - the kind of post that would be picked up by some blogger super-mega-group and catapult my blog readership into the stratosphere ...

oh well at least I have poptarts .. and you guys, you guys and poptarts make everything better

The only thing left to write about is my post office visit today - where

1. the postal clerk Joe told another customer that I was a painter


I just smiled and didn't correct him - I mean wth I did paint the kitchen once

but when I got up to the window I said "Joe, why did you tell that guy I was a painter?" and he said "I thought you were a painter" and I said "no, I'm not"

and he said "well, I thought you were a painter because you always have paint on your hands"

and I was all "huh? - paint on my hands, I always have paint on my hands? I don't always have paint on my hands Joe!"

and then I held up my hands ... and saw ... paint - wth ...

and 2. a sort-of neighbor asked me how my day was going and I told him I was very busy because I just did back to back shows and need to catch up and get back in the groove. And as soon as I didn't just say "fine", he looked all kind of annoyed that he asked.

Then I got all kind of annoyed because what kind of question is "how is your day going so far?" anyway? That's not something you ask someone if you just want them to say "fine."

That question is too specific and has too many syllables and demands an answer. Next time just ask me, "How are you?" So I can just say "fine" and not annoy you.


*hi, how are you? print by thebigharumph


akaCINDERS said...

Mercury retrograde until August 26th. Get used to it. Nothing will go right and you are supposed to learn a lesson from it, like look at your hands or write your post on notepad and copy/paste. Bet you wish I was near you so you could throw something at me.

Catherine Ivins said...

you're right Cindy! I won't throw anything - although if I did, that would go wrong, too and bommerang back at me and break my new glasses which my friend told me not to buy the other day because mercury was retrograde (and I admit I am already regretting them!) and I have totally learned to wash my hands before leaving the house- didn't I teach my daughter this a million years ago and yes, write my posts on notepad - ugh- the lessons never end!!


Unni Strand said...

What's the problem with paint on your hands? I always see that as a sign of honor.