this could be it folks ....

I mean, an earthquake and a hurricane all in one week? in New Jersey?

Global warming?


Well, maybe ... but my take on this is that God is seriously pissed off about all this Jersey TV - Housewives, Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious - she got one look at Snookie and said ... enough, already

(note to God - remember me, I'm the girl with the flat hair)

BTW at the post office the other day a bald man told me he has worked at the Jerseylicious salon for 15 years

(first he complimented another customer's hair, then looked at my hair and said ... nothing)

and only the mother and daughter on the show actually work there, everyone else is fake - I've never seen the show, so don't know how extensive this "fake people" thing is, but it sounds serious folks ...

As I am typing this my brother just called me and said his town is having mandatory evacuations and they need a place to go ... with their 5 cats and 2 birds - OMG

Then a friend called and said they are having an earthquake/hurricane party tonight and we are invited. I asked if I should bring some takeout

(and my brother, sister in law, 2 birds and 5 cats .. I kind of just whispered this part though)

and she said "I have a pot roast."

(grandma? sniffle)

Uh, isn't it still August? Who just happens to have a pot roast in August? But then she said the kicker that pretty much assured my participation

"I'll show you my new Dyson", she added

I mean a pot roast and a dyson demonstration just screams PAR-TAY in Jersey folks - unlike Snookie and the Situation this is how we really roll.

Off to clean my bathroom in case we have house guests this weekend .... stay safe and dry everyone.



Ryan Adair said...

This made me giggle.

I kept getting really confused when I saw that hurricane pic, I was like.. WAIT why does Jersey have Irene in the Gulf? then I realized it was Katrina.

I'm down in FL, we're getting a nice cool breeze and a little rain. It's awesome. Good luck up there!

Catherine Ivins said...

oh maybe I should switch the pic- I just grabbed a hurricane pic- you are eagle-eyed Ryan! I'm sure NJ is over-reacting as always and the little shore towns want to close the roads - it must be winds they are worried about- because if the water reaches my brother's house which is blocks from the ocean .. it really will be the end of things ...

Viktoria said...

stay safe and dry ! ...and don´t lose your dry sense of humor! ...

DancingMooney said...

We had a crazy storm roll through here last night too... Stay safe over there! ;)