the present moment ... taking what you love and making it what you do

I have been feeling pulled in alot of different directions lately - and this pulling

(totally self-imposed thinking of course, no one is actually making my body into salt water taffy)

is creating a state of busy-ness that is not a comfortable place for me. I can text and tweet with the best of them (sort of), but I also know I can't live in this perpetual state of distraction and lack of center.

I know all the answers are given to us in the present moment and this is exactly the place I am having trouble accessing lately.

So, this week, even as I fill my wholesale orders from my recent shows

(and production work is often a great way for me to get back into the present moment - especially when brazing because it is hard to be scattered when working with fire)

I will be taking more time for things that center me and getting back into my meditation practice which is the last thing I should let go of, but always seems to be the first thing to go when things get crazy.

Finding the pieces of what we love to do and making them into what we do is where our heart and happiness lies, I think ...

Summer is fading folks, let's not waste another minute of it ...

*I have everything I need and always will print by choosing beauty


sherry truitt said...

It's all (well mostly) within our power, Cat.

I'm trying to TLLM. Talk Less, Listen More.

When did the world start to manufacture so many distractions?


ps the cork display is really cute!

Catherine Ivins said...

ooh TLLM I like that - I seem to be regretting the words that leave my mouth as soon as I say them these days so this sounds like a practice I need ASAP


KJ said...

Keep us posted on the meditation. I enjoy hearing about your progress. I admit it gives me hope. I have never been able to achieve that practice. Yoga has been as far as I have gotten.

Dar Presto said...

The post title called out to me as I shift from being a maker of incomplete experiments to a maker of finished, realized, sell-able things. But what prompted me to comment is the word verification...nowth.
Can brazing be meditative, in the nowth moment? Or is it too intense?

Catherine Ivins said...

nowth is perfect! well, it's not meditative in the sense that it is by rote although the drilling and sanding parts are- but when working with fire you can't let your mind wander (and my mind tends to wander all over the place!) so it forces me to stay in the moment - things can happen around me because I braze in my hubby's shop, and I don't even notice what is going on - I love how you say maker of finished, realized makings- love that!

Catherine Ivins said...

yoga is harder KJ- I can barely touch my toes! or can I, I'm not even sure!