Happy Memorial Day Weekend All - summer is official

This photo makes me want to put all the politicians everywhere into a room and spin them around and poke them with sticks until they get their heads and priorities straight - yes, that includes you Mr. Obama.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend - hubs and I had a nice dinner out last night that actually included a for-real photographer taking a picture of us.

He, of course, looks like he fell out of the Brooks Brothers catalog. I look wild-eyed and unkempt, like I’d arrived at the restaurant by clinging to the bottom of the car.

(I may link to this pic one day ... but I would have to be bribed with a new pair of gladiator sandals and a years supply of Bobby's Burger Palace sweet potato fries and I am thinking that none of you have access to these things so my secrets are safe for now)

xo all


sherry truitt said...

That is the saddest picture I have ever seen.

I can't look Obama in the face anymore. He has just traded soldiers in Iraq for soldiers in Afghanistan.

We have been at war for 12 years. For what?

Catherine Ivins said...

did you see the video letter from the man in israel to iran with love - it is people to people that we will finally stop war - it will just become unthinkable ....