Upcycled Paint by Number / Clipboard Tutorial

I picked up these amazing pups

(painted by Aunt Goldie in 1959 - I wish I had an Aunt Goldie - I think I will just start calling my Aunt Betty Aunt Goldie - I don't think she will mind)

at a vintage shop in Asheville last fall. I finally decided to add some clipboard clips to them and make gigantic clipboards.

 This one is easy-peasy, as mine always are!

You will need: a paint by number (of course you can paint your own), you can also use a puzzle - glue it down first - ack, clips (these can be drilled off old clipboards, just drill into the rivets or purchased new), screws, drill, screwdriver

1. Measure for center and mark your drill holes 2. Drill holes 3. Add screws - now I have a grinder to grind off the back of the screws like I do with the clipboard corkboards that I sell, you may need to add a back buffer of cardboard, wood, etc if they stick out too far - TIP - holding the clip opening while working with the screw hole takes the strength of 10 crafty mavens, so just do like I do and shove a book in it to hold it open.

These are super simple and are the perfect place to hold my growing (sorry hubs) people and their dogs picture collection!


Unni Strand said...

I wish I had an aunt called Betty. But Goldie sounds great too.
I guess it'll have to do with my Werna, Walborg, Vesla, Karin, Cis, Kari, Ragnhild, Reidun and Edel. They are/have been wonderful aunts too!

Catherine Ivins said...

Ooh what great names! I think everyone in the US has an aunt named Betty (aka elizabeth) I think it was an elizabeth taylor thing xo

doforanimals said...

I had an Aunt Betty and she was... um... trouble. Anyway, my grandma did some paint-by-numbers in the 1950s (landscapes mostly). Now I know what to do with them!