I have a new website! If you came in through blogger take a pop over to olivebites.com and check it out.

I still have some wonky links and need to add about 100 more items - I am also realizing that the wonderful zoom feature I loved is going to require me to get better photos.

(which I need anyway and I would advise anyone retaking photos this summer to be thinking of neutral and white backgrounds when possible - I have been moving in this direction anyway - it makes it easier to use pictures for other promo material, your website, etc and for blogs and stores that want to grab your pics, plus the items pop off the page)

Etsy's front page is focused exclusively on treasuries with neutral and negative space backgrounds these days (when did that happen - I bet if we could see where the sales dollars spent on Etsy are going we would see some huge category shifts from this never-ending wedding focus).

Their nonstop changes have us feeling like seals (or wait dolphins, I want to be a dolphin) - who are multiplying like rabbits - jumping through hoops that the trainers keep moving (I kind of picture pale hipsters in body gloves saying nah, nah) for buckets of fish that may or may not be empty anyway and are certainly not enough to feed everyone (or anyone).

(and you may need your Little Orphan Annie secret decoder to figure out what the hell I just said there - sorry - it is one of those mornings)

Anyhoo, I will be back tomorrow with Old New Again's giveaway winner announce. I sat down this morning to finish my pricing series and it has kind of been like pulling teeth

(not that I have ever pulled teeth, although my brother did once have a tooth pulled by a dentist who put his knee into my brother's chest and pulled hard, so I am guessing it is not an easy thing to do)

a sure sign that series needs to marinate a while. I am thinking everyone is out enjoying the summer sun these days anyway and not missing it too much.

Also I should mention that mercury is about to go retrograde, so start thinking re - as in redo, remake, reattach (huh?) - you get the idea - not a good time to start new things but an excellent time to go back over old things and redo them. More on this later in the week, too!

xo all - have a magical day!


lynn bowes said...

Love, love, love! You're inspiring me to make the jump to my own site (actually, you're inspiring me to get off my butt, quit thinking and wanting and just 'do'!).

And true about etsy. We can't keep chasing what we think people want and what will get promoted and 'front-paged'. We create from the inside out and getting sidelined by making what we think will sell is creatively defeating. Wait, that's another rant.

Sweet site, Cat :: lynn

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks so much Lynn - and yes re Etsy and 'creative defeat' I agree - I believe we can make money and make a life by creating what we are called to create - turning artists into business people will leave us with no artists! xo

Julie Kirk said...

As Lynn has already said - this makes me so inspired to get my own site too. I may not often comment on your blog, but I do enjoy visiting [and I love your work!].

Wishing you great success with the new site!

Julie :-)

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks so much Julie- you made my morning! xo

Viktoria said...

cool site! very charming!...and lots of work I guess!
wish you much success!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

I am so into reconnecting with things I've already done, but from a fresh perspective... Off to check out your new site, love the look from what I can see in the picture, bravo! ;)

KJ said...

I was almost able to keep up with this post.

I did keep my eyes open long enough to visit your new website- very nice, very professional, and a great reflection of you.

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks Viktoria, yes, Janelle a fresh perspective on the past I like it - KJ I know what an ADD post - my focus is all over the place today! ack!