Upcycled Table Legs to Picture Hangers Tutorial - when good legs go bad

I snatched up some amazing old table legs and spindles recently with plans to put them in my garden,

but I decided a couple needed to end up indoors so they would last longer!

These are super-simple - just add back hangers and cup hooks and you are all set.

(my camera has been very temperamental lately so my pics are kind of blah, but the spindles are actually pretty cool and simple and add a touch of handmade whimsy to store bought frames)

I think a simple picture grouping with these hangers over a couple frames (not too many) could be amazing. 

Note - I tested these with my lead test kits I use for vintage - if they test for lead you might want to seal with varnish or pass them by especially if you have small children ...

2nd Note - A good feng shui tip for vintage is that old things can carry the vibration of their previous adventures so it is always good to keep them in bright sunlight for a day or two before bringing them indoors

and definitely give them a good "salt wipe down" - rock or sea salt pressed onto a damp cloth and wipe all surfaces. A lot of time the energy around old things is very stagnant because the previous owners let the things sit and that energy needs to be wiped out before you bring them into your life!

Also I should add that I have brought my computer back to my desk today and am 'sitting down' again - I was a lot more productive last week, but not in the way I had hoped ... more on this later ...


mairedodd said...

that is a great idea and i appreciate your information on the bringing in of the old... i had always wondered about how the energy is managed once it comes into you life... thanks!

Stacey Merrill said...

creative idea!

doforanimals said...

I always love the functional aspect along with the decorative. Very cute idea.

Jane Pierce aka zJayne said...

Ohhhhh, I have been away too long! That's what you get for sailing and obliviousness!

Catching up on your blog, as it is by far one of the bestest ever!!

Sooooo what were you going to do with these if they were going in the garden?


Anonymous said...

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