Manifesting for Makers - Part ll - your message matters

photograph by pretty petal studio
When Oprah introduced The Secret a few years ago on her show, the glaring, hit you right between the eyes, problem with it was that all the "success" stories on the show

(maybe not all, but I am remembering it was all)

were people making money off The Secret.

Not in a "I am applying these principles and manifesting abundance" kind of way, but in a "I am teaching these principles and charging for my teachings and manifesting abundance" kind of way.

On the one hand this made the whole thing feel quite spammy and scammy, even for a Course in Miracles - inward and outward polarity manifester like myself. It turned me off.

On the other hand this made total sense because this was clearly a message whose time had come,

(the cynics in my life would say due to an entitled, lazy audience who thought this sounded easy)

there was a huge tribe of people open to these ideas.

The success of those people on the show had more to do with their message resonating with the energy at that time and what it would do for others (and the part this 'success' played in their own journey) as it did any particular steps toward manifesting those speakers took and their actual creation (ie end product - book, DVD, etc).

It's the same for us with our makings. It's not the actual makings that count so much

(you can absolutely manifest abundance in your life by producing crap - it happens everyday - but let's not do this because the world doesn't need anymore crap)

it is our experience of ourselves within our makings and how it aligns with others that is the true purpose behind what we do. 

When we connect with that purpose we can create through universal flow; without stress, tightness or attachment to any particular outcome.

Last spring I began to realize (actually someone else had to realize for me) that I had lost my focus and motivation. I didn't feel sad. I just didn't feel any joy - I didn't really feel much (except for a frequent tightness in my chest and solar plexus). I was using words like burn-out and exhaustion to myself - trying to silence the little voice inside me that said "go deeper".

I had felt a definite pull to do something, had it supported by amazing synchronicity and then it didn't seem to work out. I realized this had been my "story" in different areas of my life. I also realized that what the 'work out' part meant (what happy ending was going to satisfy me anyway) was really all in my head.

I knew that even when our creations (everything we do is an act of creation) don't manifest the way we would like them to, there is always a pay-off, providing of course we are not lost in the need for a pay-out.

I knew that it was this need for a pay-out that had me trapped. I also knew that when there appears to be a blockage in our creative affect in the outer world, it is certain there is something wanting our attention in our inner one - knowing this wasn't helping me release it though. I was tired of being a hostage to an outcome.

I will continue Part II later in the week (and connect how releasing our attachment to an outcome frees our message) - have an amazing day everyone! xo


lynn bowes said...

Preach it, sister. That horrible feeling like someone is sitting on your chest is why I (always back to ME) reneged on one gallery show this holiday season. They were asking me for work that truly isn't my genre even though I sold quite a bit of it (knitted pieces) last winter. Not my thang but it kept my hands busy while I recuperated from that new hip deal and couldn't stand at my bench. Giving anything up and saying no shouldn't bring on such awful feelings but creating for the $$$ and not the heart and soul is defeating, no?

Further (because I've never had an unexpressed thought), I gave up some metalwork while I focused on my drawing this summer and I have been hugely rewarded personally. Not money-wise because it's not out there for purchase; rather, heartwise, and that's the best result.

And I bought a motorcycle so that helped =-)

Hope the journey is going well :: lynn

lynn bowes said...
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Catherine Ivins said...

I know! - that chest as someone's couch (a 450 lb someone) feeling
that forces us to ask - OK where's the fear here ... what thinking do I need to let go of? lately I am always assuming it is something I need to let go of (your bike has me rethinking this!) - that 'there is not enough', 'who do you think you are' crap ...

hip, motorcycle wtf is happening in nebraska Lynn??!! XO BIG TIME

DancingMooney ♥ said...

I am bouncing up and down in my seat, wanting to share a book with you I just blogged about... so very much connected to living with passion, and with purpose. I also feel like I just rediscovered this connection, and am feeling very empowered by it.

Catherine Ivins said...

what book?? off to your blog! xo

DancingMooney ♥ said...

p.s. I agree with Lynn on cutting back in areas that we might not have otherwise considered...

Recently I made the decision to simply make 'soap' and stop making bath salts, sugar scrubs, etc... Not only did it free up storage space for my supplies, but also cut a big cost from my bath & body expenses, and has also meant I'm spending less time in the kitchen working on 'work'... I had lost my passion for cooking and baking, after spending countless hours working on the bath side of my business, but the decision to simplify and get back to the basics there (just soap!) I'm finding more time to keep the kitchen clean, which makes it so much easier to enjoy cooking again, and I'm looking forward to actually finding the time to bake this holiday season too (which normally for me, is next to impossible during the holiday rush)! :D

KJ said...

You said: everything we do is an act of creation.

Nothing could be more true.