Manifesting for Makers - Part ll (continued) your message matters

by crankbunny
"everyone wants to change the world - no one wants to change themselves" ... tolstoy

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We don't have to look any further than our Presidential election process to see how screwed up each candidate's messages are getting because they have attached themselves to an outcome (ie getting themselves elected).

When we have attached ourselves to an outcome, we want or need for things to end up a certain way

- we will manipulate things to try to make it happen and we will be sad and discouraged when it doesn't and maybe more importantly we will resist what is actually happening.

Letting go means receiving what is happening without resisting  - it's the point of acceptance and appreciation of what is.

It's the very vibration that makes us ready to move into the next vibration.

The space where we are satisfied with what is and eager for what is to come, without the need to know what is coming - that's the place where manifesting happens.

So how do we get to this magical place anyway? Getting there just takes practice and isn't that hard, staying there is harder, but we are probably not really meant to stay there anyway. It's never the achieving at the end that is the greatest teacher - it's always the process. The process is intended to take us to all kinds of alternate places and wonderful (and terrible) adventures - that's it's job.

It helps if you can get to a place of relaxation (exhaustion can work equally well - I know we can all get to that place). Deep breathing and meditation has been a key to me - I can also get to this place through exercise or a day of hard physical work.

So get into a state of relaxation - take time to do nothing. Nada. Zip. Start right where you are. Try to let go of seeking for a moment. Stay put. Just breathe. Just be. Now gently try asking yourself why you are wanting this outcome. Go deeper and deeper with this until you get to the essence of what you are wanting.

(the essence will not be a relationship, money, publicity, travel etc - the essence might be love, security, acceptance, freedom etc)

Let's get back to businessy (why is spell check telling me this is not a word - when are they going to put me in charge of spell check so I can fix the damn thing) manifesting here and let's say I am really stressing because I am invested in getting a certain outcome from an email I sent to a magazine or wanting some kind of publicity that isn't happening.

So when I quietly ask my relaxed self what I really want here maybe I end up with the essence of needing to be accepted or maybe I land on a place of needing to be of service - wherever I land, I land. I don't judge what is coming up - I just look at it in a loving way.

(I find if I imagine this feeling is happening to my child I can get into a non-judgy - spell check you are killing me - loving space with it more easily)

then I look at a space in my life where I already have this essence and I sit in the acceptance of that for a while (getting in the vibration of what we are really seeking helps to reduce our attachment to the outcome of the thing we are trying to control - we eventually come to the place where we can feel that we already have the thing we are seeking) - it's not a quick fix, but if we do this enough we will start to see the same essences over and over coming up for us in all kinds of unexpected places.

If needing to be accepted keeps coming up for example I would start to look at ways I can bring this essence into my life in safe, small bites. I would also begin to recognize this need in myself and have compassion for it (remember the compassion in Part I) - eventually I would come to the place where I have totally accepted myself with no need for any outside acceptance.

(my biography will read "she was unattached" and if you want to read my biography and I can pretty much guarantee you that you don't - it will be available by Harper Collins - is there still a Harper Collins? was there ever a Harper Collins? - I think they published Valley of the Dolls - it may be a Valley of the Dolls kind of biography and I want to be played by Sigourney Weaver, ala Ripley in Aliens, a character I could totally see fitting into a Valley of the Dolls type scenario and who is totally how I see myself minus the automatic weapons ... and the cat)

When we give up control and stop trying to get a specific outcome, when we really get that this is like trying to catch fireflies with oven mitts - we give whatever happens the freedom to bring us happiness without giving it the power to hurt us.

Buddha said that attachment is the cause of all suffering. It can also be a slippery slope toward a loss of integrity (something it is more important than ever to stay in because universal energy is bringing everything hidden up to be dealt with now).

This is getting a bit wordy (.... waiting for spell check - let's just all agree we can add a letter "y" to any word and create an adjective) so I guess this part will be a 3 section so I can tie this into our message as makers - back next time to tie part III up (not in any kind of kinky way- get your minds out of Valley of the Dolls). Have an amazing day all!


DancingMooney said...

LOVE this!

The space where we are satisfied with what is and eager for what is to come, without the need to know what is coming...

Hard to practice, but easy to learn... so true... Life is a journey! ;)

Catherine Ivins said...

I have been so far out of this space today - ugh - yes, it's a journey for certain Janelle! xo

KJ said...

Ugh... your blog disappears when I open a comment window.

Anyway, I think we do not disagree so much as we speak a different language. When you say not to be attached to a specific outcome, I think: Is she telling me not to set goals? Surely not! I do, however, understand that the goal is not what is really important it is the journey to the goal. It is the small steps we take at improvement. For instance, when I started my blog the subtitle was "Adventures in Marketing." I was unemployed and thinking a blog would help me make money by driving a marketing plan. Very specific. Things changed, as they always do, I got a job and am making money the old fashioned way by working for a paycheck. I rewrote the subtitle to my blog as: Adventures in hand made jewelry and focused on what I was doing all along, creating, sharing, and raking in a few Ohh's, Ahh's and love that's. (If you can add y's I can add apostrophe s) Really, selling is secondary for me, I make jewelry because I love beads and love to create. Besides the support, what my blog provides is incentive, a schedule, and a commitment. If I didn't have the blog I would probably spend all of my time with my nose in a book which is very satisfying but is just way to limited a way to live.

And just why is it that these maker posts are driving me to such long comments? I think my hind brain must be working on something.

Catherine Ivins said...

Kathy - I think your blog is a perfect example of the best kind of goal setting and I would say intention instead of goal and your outside intention was to make money but there was a bigger intention to it that on one level you may not have been aware of at the time but it was this bigger intention for you to have this fuller life that really drove your journey with this - now another person in your same situation who was over-invested in the outcome of your blog project would not have allowed it to change and expand the way you have - they would have had such a picture of it as a money maker in itself that the journey you have had would not have been possible for them - my vision board these days is simply filled with joyful images - happy people, nature, no specific things anymore - I sometimes think, too- what about my goals with all of this? and certainly I am still taking actions and setting intentions, but am thinking I will try seeing where everything leads me - still steering the boat, but not trying to steer it upstream. I think your love of creation is very, very apparent and totally inspiring - your work and blog would not be the same if you were forced to do it for the money- so life sends you a job to support that part (plus the job provides all kinds of avenues for you to grow and reach others) so it frees you up to use your blog in other ways - and you allowed this to happen by not attaching and probably a year or so from now everything will be different again. Some people would tell you hold tight to your goal and don't let anything stop you and I think there are some people born with such goals (I am more of a 'I don't know what will I be when I grow up" person and don't relate so well to this thinking) and there are times when life tests all of us about how strongly we want things and then we get to decide but I am thinking unattachment could work even bigger miracles for us ... love your comments as always Kathy xo