whatever we take an interest in, takes an interest in us - reclaiming our authority with ritual and systems part I

jennifer johansson locket - pull up a chair and relax
I had someone write me this week, a very well meaning someone, to ask why my blog has such a mystical bent these days

and it got me thinking that

# 1 - I really liked the sound of that

and # 2 - it is probably good for everyone to have an interest in the invisible (ie the unconscious) right now since everything is getting all mixed together - better a dance than a battle after all!

Astrology isn't a science or a religion or anything like that - it is more of a language.

(so just pretend I am talking about the French language here unless you are French in which case maybe try thinking Dutch)

I don't do predictory (I guess that isn't a word or I have spelled it wrong, whatever the word should be for that, let's just pretend I said that) things with astrology - which has the same root as predicament btw and that certainly doesn't sound good.

Astrology is more about prophecy - patterns, mythology, collaboration - it is totally an invitation to experiment and engage - our real life purpose is always to co-create (with the heavens and with each other) in the most interesting, ingenious and loving ways possible.

That's really all there is to everything - of course there are gazillions of ways to do this which is where the fun comes in.

We work on grounding ourselves - (which yes, is stuff that I totally need to learn which is why I totally write about it) loss of balance is no small thing.

Loss of balance topples dynasties, folks.

Remember that 20/20 episode (Dateline?) years ago where they showed muggers videos of people walking down the street and asked them which people they would choose to mug and the muggers always chose the same people - the ones with the non-rhythmic, uncoordinated manners.

These victims weren't staggering down the street or anything, it is way more subtle than that.

And, there are many ways of getting mugged.

We can be mugged in a conversation, in a relationship, at work - there are as many ways for muggers to take away our authority (authorship of our life) as there are ways for us to allow it .... I think the off-balance thing is where it starts. We probably start tipping around the age of 3 or 4; maybe a sturdy few of us get to puberty.

(I think by the looks of the extremely oversized head I had in my baby pictures I was surely tipping over at birth)

Grounding works. Rituals (mystical) and systems (practical) work, too - so let's talk about that this week.

Next up Part II - Reclaiming our Authority; Rituals for Abundance - Profit like a Prophet .... xo all


Unknown said...

I like the current slant of your blog and I sure like the locket you featured! Loving the new ones. Gotta get myself one! Thank you for continually inspiring me and supporting my in my artistic endeavors.

Catherine Ivins said...

Jen- you have your locket right? I'll send you the new lids and a charm! xo

DancingMooney said...

I love that you speak out about what you connect with. Keep writing Cat! ♥ I am with Jennifer, your blog is like mind food for me. ;)