Part III - Profit like a Prophet - Reclaiming our Authority thru Systems

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Saturn energy supports us when we deliberately choose our focus.

Regardless of what we say is important to us, the truth of what we care about is what we spend our time on.

How are we spending our minutes, hours, days?

There is no right or wrong with this and if we are happy we should keep on keeping on, but if things are not going as well, this is one of the first things I always look at. 

When we don't consciously choose our focus our time gets stolen by Saturn's shadow called distraction - this is especially true when we have an online business.

When we set up systems for our business we work with this energy best and step into our authority.

Systems to value our time (Saturn was known to the ancient Greeks as Chronos or Time), secure our foundation, establish structure, take responsibility for the work we put out into the world, use self-discipline and create boundaries are the kind of systems Saturn can help us with. Saturn says everyone needs a job!

Setting aside specific chunks of time for specific tasks can be a great organizer for maker business owners.

We never had a job where we could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted to and we haven't created one either.

We need structure to our days. We don't need the inflexible kind of structure that breaks because it can't bend, but we don't want to be bending so often that we break anyway.

Figure out what we need to do and schedule our week. My slowest days are at the end of the week, so I schedule non-essential business stuff for Thursdays and Fridays. I balance my books every month. I inventory my supplies every month.

I have a calendar with chunks of hours and I work with it as much as possible. Two hours for such and such - if it's not complete and I am out of time. I stop anyway. I schedule in another hour somewhere - that way I'm not thinking about such and such; that thing I have to do.

I'm not stressing because it is hanging over me and unfinished.

It's over for me until that time period on my calendar when I take it back out. When I started valuing my own time in this way, stuff hitting me out of the blue becomes much more rare. Saturn still throws me a curve ball- that's his job, but I am at least twice as likely to catch it now.

I am not perfect with this; I don't try to be. I get off-balance all the time and have to drag myself back to center.

When Saturn isn't honored he shows up as inertia, fear, depression - if we are off rhythm and out of balance, Saturn tells us to get back in touch with our rhythms - we can do deep breathing as a way to find our center.

Saturn also represents the father and the truth is that many of us were not honored and approved of by our fathers. Saturn invites us to let go of the yearning for this. Just let it go. We don't have to go through life passing this paternal torch to others in some misguided attempt to get an authority figure to validate us.

It's very powerful to ask ourselves "To whom did I give away my power to feel good about myself?" and then affirm "I take my power back." Breathe that power back in ... deeply.

Remember when doing exercises like this that you have the energy of generations of magic makers behind your intention. This is not something to take lightly. Once you take that power back - you own it. Blaming someone else for something that isn't working in your life will no longer work for you.

The Chinese art of Chi Gong shows us the coordinates of Saturn. Imagine a vertical line from the base of our spine to the crown of our head then imagine a horizontal line from the small of our back straight to just below our belly button.

This is the place of our true center, Saturn's energy rests here - it is a place where fear does not exist.

Many years ago I had uterine surgery in this area that left me with scar tissue and numbness and a couple years later I had another surgery that removed the scar tissue. Looking back on it I could see that during this time I had lost my center emotionally and spiritually and so my physical body lost its center, too.

Women who have pregnancies, miscarriages, abortions, hysterectomies, etc - usually need to work to get back to center.

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lynn bowes said...

This is the third time in a month that the idea of establishing blocks of time throughout the day to devote to projects has been revealed to me. Do you think it's time I pay attention?

Catherine Ivins said...

It's a great organizer Lynn and gives a sense of completion even when the stuff is incomplete xo- hope all went well with hubs

DancingMooney ♥ said...

I try to use calendars but they don't work for me. I mean, there are things we can not break, and those things go on the calendar, but the rest for me is just lists, lists, lists... :)

Catherine Ivins said...

sometimes I add things to my list that I already did just so I can cross them off and feel I have done something!

KJ said...

I do not work for myself, however, this advise is still good. (It is also something that you need to learn to be a good university student.)

I am overly organized. Back when I was a crusading radical I took the Meyers-Briggs test which identified me as a Field Marshall. I was shocked, embarrassed. These days I merely acknowledge that it was accurate.

I give myself Sundays off. Saturdays are for getting chores done. What doesn't get done on Saturday may get done on Sunday, but if it does not get done I do not take myself to task for my failure and if something good comes along, like a chance to nap, I can take advantage of the opportunity without guilt.

Catherine Ivins said...

I am going to do that with the weekends and maybe not carry any chores into the 2nd day - set it in stone for now. I am feeling the need to work with concrete boundaries lately- love that idea Kathy. I think Field Marshall is a rare one - sounds a little like that 7 letter w word to me :) - mine was one of the I's but I must have blocked it out.

PR Design said...

Great to read this blog. Really it's a great organizer.

Catherine Ivins said...

thank you PR design