anything we know that is googleable isn't worth anything

I was informed last night by a very clever teenager, who may or may not be walking around with a black eye this morning, that anything I know that he can google he knows, too.

And also that inspirational blog posts are really written for the writer and not the reader.

hmmm ....

There is a problem with his way of looking at things, mostly in a "he don't know what he don't know" kind of way, but the truth in it irritated the hell out of me.

Not the inspirational blog post stuff, I already know that.

There being no value in retaining information is a little troubling though - not so much for me, this is actually excellent news for me, since I have lost all ability to retain any information at all, but troubling for us.


The real value of information has always been the way we put it together and make it work - we still need to reframe it. I don't think Google can do this yet. I don't think.

I accidentally banged into this kid with my elbow when he was leaving. At least I hope it was an accident. Smart people make me nervous. Smart alecks made me accident prone. This can make me dangerous.

Also my elbows are extremely pointy - like scary pointy - hubs calls my arms double jointed because they bend backwards at a slightly strange angle and have these pointy elbows like a reptile. I'm not really sure what double jointed means or if there even is such a thing. But wait a minute that would be googleable - so I guess I do know ...

have fun! seriously print by the amazing coni in barcelona

Have some serious fun this weekend - I will be deep into my project - yes, project managers work weekends - I guess we don't know what we don't know either.


Stacey Merrill said...

If I really really need some specific info, inevitably it will be the one thing that google wont cough up. If I'm lucky it is finally released after asking 15 different ways.

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Stacey! that happens to me, too - or I google one thing and get distracted by something else and forget what I got on for - the other day George and I were going to a movie and I went in the house to google the time, got back in the car- we start driving and he says said "what time is the movie?", I said "oh, I don't know but the theater has new stadium seating."

KJ said...

You have to know which questions to ask- and google will not tell you that. But, you already knew that.

Inspirational blogging- it has me asking questions of myself, so it is a good thing.