doing the work ... why working IN our business and not on our business is what really matters - intro

pillaging and plundering is so 10th century - cork bracelet
The world used to operate within some sort of pecking order - top dog / underdog space - where we ran in packs, sat in cliques and without even thinking about it instinctively knew our place.

That is the world that is falling apart.

The numbers have just gotten too big and the whole thing is collapsing.

A pecking order can only hold so many chickens.

The hens who didn't get the memo are still thrashing around trying to get someone to pay attention to them while the rest of the brood are busy forming smaller tribes based on their common passions and some are even ignoring what everyone else is doing altogether.

The sun in Virgo is the perfect time to talk about what this means to us - this new world that is too large for pecking orders - the space for chickens who have outgrown their coops.

This new world that is about the work; the kind of work that doesn't wait for someone to notice it. It doesn't wait for permission or attention or things to be just right or perfect. It doesn't wait for inspiration. It isn't done for applause. It's never seen on Facebook.

(and of course there is really nothing new about it)

Let's talk about that. (part 1 next - the invisible)

pencils by thebigharumph

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DancingMooney said...

I'm reading a (free) book on my Kindle right now called Choose Yourself, written by the CEO of Twitter, and he too, talks about this new world, and how we have so much more freedom and ability to choose our own paths now... because of the internet, and the opportunity that it provides us to reach out to others. I'm loving this way of thinking. This 'opportunity' we all have. To create our own way now. No more are we just doctors or lawyers or milk men, we are dog walkers, and yoga instructors, and bloggers, and who knows what else. But what he's saying is that we should just keep doing what we do, and forget about the rest (which is me, one who isn't really paying attention to everything else)... that's when we do our best. When we are focused on our purpose and not on all the clutter and static noise around us.

Looking forward to this series... xo.