working in our business and not on our business - just doing the work (part lll - giving what we got)

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There is some kind of magic that happens when we just keep going.

When we just do the thing we are supposed to do.

It's a cop out to say we would do the thing we were supposed to be doing, if only we knew what that thing we were supposed to be doing is ...

because we do know.

It's that thing that is right in front of us.

It's that thing we have been putting off doing.

It's that thing we don't want to do. It's not some big, huge, change the world thing - it's that other thing.

(and yes, maybe that thing right now is the sink filled with dirty dishes - just do that and don't do a half-assed job with it either, do it well and finish it, that's the work that gets the magic started)

We have lots of universal support for this 'doing the work" part. We have Goddess energy and angels and fairies to help us.

(and fairies may sound nuts to you, although maybe not - what I have found with fairies is that they are more about the nuts and bolts of things, the material stuff and when you have a business in a 3D world, fairy energy can come in very handy)

We have to ask for help though - life is like Star Trek, after all.

This energy is outside our reach until we actually reach for it.

Kabbalists believe that beside every blade of grass is an angel whispering, "Grow!". This same energy supports us. We have angels whispering and crying and cajoling us, too. We grow through change and through experience and these changes and experiences happen through doing the work.

Life supports us when we do the work - when we don't get too distracted by our own nonsense.

(on the one hand everything is always available to everyone, on the other hand what is available to us is only the stuff we energetically line up with)

The universe slips ideas to the people who can make them happen - the ones who are doing.

The idea for how to make free energy is probably not going to slip into my head because what the hell would I be able to do with it - it will slip into the head of the girl who has put her 10000 hours into the work of free energy. She is the one who will know what to do with it.

(this doesn't mean she is the one who will make a gazillion dollars with it - maybe no one will, that is kind of the point of free energy after all - she will definitely though, be rewarded through the work)

For this mystical energy to work for us we have to give up the need to define ourselves hierarchically - we need to let go of the pecking order.

(I'm sure heaven celebrates every time a chicken escapes the hen house)

We cannot look to others to validate our calling or our efforts or our results. We cannot compare ourselves to other people because we are all here for different things. The work must become its own reward and if we are not in a space where we feel that is happening - then that is our work - to release that space within ourselves. If we can let the work be all about the work and release our attachment to the results we will find this mystical energy everywhere.

part IV next - getting in touch with the mystical energy

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KJ said...

I am going to pick out two tiny pieces of this post...

I used to have a lot of unfinished jewelry projects. I don't know when it happened but at some point I decided I need to finish the project I am working on before starting the next. Now, I have spent weeks trying to finish my last project and I am almost there. I love the piece but that last little bit has just been difficult to finish.

I learned a long time ago that the only person worth doing better than is myself. I need not compare myself to anyone. I set my own high standards. I am much happier.

Catherine Ivins said...

Yes. When I first moved my studio into the garage (before we turned the garage into an actual room) I would literally work with bins over my head and put unfinished work on trays 'over my head'. I was constantly feeling the pressure of these unfinished projects and the weight of having them literally hanging over my head! And now that I have written this it is making me think about the junk in my attic. Now, I finish them, schedule them or toss them or I feel that weight creeping back in (even though the bins are long gone). Tying up loose ends is a very powerful space.

I never thought I compared myself to others, but have realized since Facebook that I do it more than is healthy ....