A Full Moon in Virgo on Sunday - a good one for Butchers and Bakers and CandleStick Makers

Full Moon in Virgo on Sunday! This is the culmination of September's Virgo new moon.

With Virgo we have the archetype that holds the energy of "here is what I should be, here is what I could be and here is what I would look like if I got everything right" with the simultaneous thought "here is who I actually am" (warts and all, not that Virgos have warts, of course).

This tension of what is real and what is ideal is the fundamental tension of the Virgo archetype. 

Traditionally Virgo is the sign of the servant and healer. Virgo is also the skilled craftsperson - the archetype of being good at something, of taking the time to learn and do something well.

(when Martha says "it's a good thing" she is channeling her inner Virgo, which is probably her sun sign or sits in Venus, have to look her up)

So in Virgo we gain dignity and self respect from being good at something that is useful to other people.

If you were born with your sun in Virgo this is the basic way you process life, moon in Virgo; the basic way you experience your feelings about life and if your ascendant is in Virgo; the basic way you appear to others - the mask you wear.

(people who think Virgos are fussy or nitpicky are totally missing the point and also forgetting we all have Virgo in our charts - the Virgo message of things worth doing being worth doing well and the value of these things lying within their value to others is probably the exact paradigm that will get everyone who is out of work back to work now - it is no coincidence Virgo rules the 6th house of work and health)

The Virgo full moon reminds us that we will find right work. This right work may not be something we will be paid to do. It's not about the money. 

This is about being good at something that is valuable to other people.

It's not about having other people recognize our value - Virgo is the leg of our hero's journey that comes after Leo where we took center stage and got our applause. Virgo is the space where we release, at least a little bit, our need to be recognized

*I read in the Harvard Review this week that what women want from work is social respect and what men want is complex challenges. It made me furious  to realize this sexist blubber fit hubs and I exactly. I wanted to throw up and to run screaming into the night - I am just waiting for Sunday's full moon.*

At the time of the Virgo Full Moon we have this "how it is" vs "how it could be" itchiness manifest for all of us.

This is a very grounded full moon (even with our watery Pisces sun) and we are able to manifest the work and health stuff we have been working on more fully.

The full moon isn't a culmination moon exactly, although it does often bring the curtain down on some act in our story or open the door fully so we can see our next step. Think back to our Virgo New Moon intentions from September. It's a great time to take a big step toward something - the full moon reflects plenty of Pisces sun to light up our paths and will be supportive to physical action.

Lots of craziness and stress ahead in April- so enjoy this weekend. Time to howl peeps! xo all


Tammie Lee said...

thank you, interesting to consider. I hope we have clear skies in our land that still is full of winter's spirit.

DancingMooney said...

Lots of crazyness and stress for me this month! I am hoping April will cool itself out a little. :)

lynn bowes said...

Oooooooo - good one (from your favorite Virgo, can I get an amen?)

Understand the hero's journey you speak of, that this Virgo 'Leo-person' took the applause last Fall and now is anticipating the next part of the journey where the desire for recognition fades. So much going on and so much is a letting go and stepping away. And feeling really good about it.


Catherine Ivins said...

"clear skies in a land still full with winter's spirit" - love that Tammie Lee

this craziness and stress thing is universal right now- the key is not to be holding onto anything too tightly ...

been working with Goddesses - pulled Rhiannon for Tammie Lee - you are a magical person who can manifest your clear intentions into reality, she's about getting clear and knowing that we deserve good

Janell - Athena (inner wisdom) - you know what to do, trust your inner wisdom and take appropriate action, don't give away your power

Lynn - Maat (fairness) the situation will be handled in a fair and just manner, Maat's definition of fairness is more like surrendering personal agendas and then everything falls together ...

not sure if any of this helps, but I thought I'd pop it in here