owning our impact - the value of being ourselves part V

Let's get back to Hal and his hometown music store. It might look like the internet has not done Hal any favors. His competition is global now. His website has not made up for the lack of foot traffic in his brick and mortar. He has transitioned from a sales business into a service business which has him trading hours for dollars and he is tired.

He's swimming in uncharted waters and that little piece of green land he can see through his wet binoculars keeps getting clouded over by other swimmers splashing around beside him.  

If Hal is asking what he should do next Hal is asking the wrong question. 

If we know what we want and if we know why we want it and we take action, life can use whatever action we take - to get us where we want to be.

So, Hal goes deeper with his question. We ask Hal what he wants. Hal says X amount of dollars coming in. OK, fair enough - the man needs to eat. We ask Hal why he wants X amount of dollars coming in. Hal thinks about this. He wants security. He wants the self-esteem that comes from knowing his business is doing well. He wants peace.

So, we know Hal thinks that money will give him security and self-esteem and peace. This is the key to allowing more money into his life - not the action he takes.

Allowing more of these qualities into his life is the key to his becoming more magnetic to money (and I know a thing or two about magnets - have you seen my new lockets?). Whatever we think having more money will give us - security, peace, self-esteem - are the qualities we need to develop to be more magnetic to money.

View money as a tool to help us fully express our potential (our value to the planet) instead of something we create to fill a lack.

For example Hal thinks money will bring him peace and simplicity. It does not matter if this is actually true. Obviously money can make things more complex, too. It doesn't matter if this statement is true to you or me. This is true to Hal and remember he has spent decades building his body and mind around a truth like this.

So, how does Hal develop the quality of peace? How can he simplify things? Maybe he starts a meditation practice (yes that again), maybe he looks at his hectic schedule and realizes instead of giving individual music lessons 4X a month, each student can get one group lesson a month and he will free up X amount of hours per month to do something relaxing.

If he wants more security in his life - he can stop, get quiet, ask himself what quality he could develop that would help him feel more secure.

Security does not come from accumulating wealth. I worked in banking for 10 years with very wealthy clients and most were very insecure about their money - sometimes more money only intensified their fears.

Maybe Hal decides he will feel more secure if he can participate more in his community so takes a public speaking class to increase his confidence. It doesn't look like that class will directly affect his bank account, but if it increases his security and money is tied to security for him, it absolutely will.

If we decide that money will give us the freedom to relax and do the stuff we love we need to find ways to do that now. That's the action that raises our vibration and lines us up with the money.

As he expresses the higher qualities that he thinks money will give him he will radiate those qualities outward with his words, actions and being and become more magnetic to money.

This is how life on planet earth works. We don't actually create money. We line our vibration up with money by being of value and valuing ourselves. How we do this is different for everyone - no one outside yourself can tell you how to do this. We do this by working with our money beliefs or letting go of them.

After trying several times to use his newly found hours to relax Hal realized he needed to develop the quality of self respect, because every time he tried to take time to relax or do the stuff he wanted to do, other obligations and duties would stop him. I told him if he put those hours back into his work schedule it would actually work against him attracting more money. He needed to value himself and give himself permission to relax.

If Hal keeps asking himself what he wants, why he wants it and takes action - life can truly use any action he takes to get him where he needs to go.

This is a process for all of us. I can still make myself crazy over a decision - even when I know that both choices wouldn't be in front of me if they couldn't both get me where I need to go!

Of course, I am talking about the big picture of where we need to go which is always toward growth and expansion. I also believe there are certain specific areas of growth we are here to work with (and these areas are very individual things which is why what works for one person will not always work for another person) but it is up to us how we work with them.

Have a nice weekend all.

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