owning our impact - the value of being ourselves part IV

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Now Mars (the planet of action and passion and desire) just stationed direct last night after his two month retrograde so I will post about that tomorrow - for now, just be careful of fire and electrical issues - appliances and batteries tend to go bust when Mars begins to change direction - sparks of creativity and clarity will start to fly, too! Anything that rubs against something else can ignite right now - use this energy wisely (wink).

OK- back to this series. We've got our burned out brick and mortar music store owner, our own online business in a sea of other online businesses, Russell Simmons talking about creating the kind of value within our business that makes it sell-able (ie able to stand on its own) - how does this all tie together?

(of course you already know everything always ties together - that's how life works)

Let me call the music store owner Hal. Well, Hal has been a smart cookie and transitioned his business very wisely. The only problem with Hal's thinking is that he expects his transition to last more than 18 months (or 18 weeks or 18 days). It won't.

Things have sped up now and the transition isn't the wobbly space between two stable places anymore - the place we work through to get to the other side - the entire space is the transition - there is no other side.

This is the same lesson for us - the end zone is gone. We have to vanish the thought of it right out of our head, it was never real anyway.

Think about this - when we think back 10 years in our life or 20 years, we have big chunks of time that all meld together - "I worked there for 10 years" we say, or "I lived with that guy for 6 years" as if that 10 years or that 6 years was all the same space. It wasn't. It only feels like the same space in hindsight. 

Most people (and businesses) stepping into a transition period - that space between our old self and our new self - get so uncomfortable they step right back into their old self. We all do it dozens (hundreds?) of times a day.

Usually we tell ourselves "this just feels right" - what we really mean is "this feels familiar." 

Remember our body isn't looking for stuff that feels good, our body is looking for stuff that feels familiar!

If we know the cravings for stability we battle in the midst of change are real withdrawals from the chemical addictions of our body - we can ride it out! 

Not because there is some rainbow at the end of our choices, but because we know the space of making choices is what we are here for - we didn't come for the rainbow!

If we understand we are changing at a cellular level we really can soldier on - we are doing nothing less than reconstructing our genes for our future, future generations and our own future lives when we stay focused and inspired!

Hal can't answer the question of what he should do next (and neither can we). There is no answer. We're all asking the wrong question.

Life is designed to focus us on the "now" - the place of creation.

Do we think our ancestors thought too far ahead of their raging winters? They climbed into bed and dared to make babies they probably would not get to see grow up! How could our own choices be any harder ....

Conclusion Part V on Thursday - so what's the right question? (our action plan) plus tomorrow a post on Mars direct!

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