Full Moon In Scorpio May 14th - letting go of our need for certainty and seeing the truth coming to light

We are building toward Wednesday's full moon in Scorpio - this is the culmination of November's Scorpio New Moon, so something from that time may be coming to closure now.

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio is a very powerful energy for transformation - any shaky ground we have built our life on now will come to light for us to clearly see or will tumble away altogether. The moon is conjunct Saturn, so take this stuff seriously. If we need to grow a backbone Saturn will see to it that we do, one way or the other.

Any time we let go of anything that is not true in our life (the stuff that is weighing us down) - we raise our vibration (live in our truth). This is vibration raising time, folks - and sometimes this doesn't feel so good.

Scorpio is about honesty (which can be a wonderful thing and a cruel thing, too). 

True honesty is ferocious. 

With the full moon (the emotions we are holding) in Scorpio the universe is asking us "Can you be deep? Can you live gracefully in a world that scares the hell out of you? Can you let go of the stuff you know isn't working before you can see what will? Can you live with the fact that maybe nothing will?".

Scorpio is wired for intensity.

If you are a Scorpio sun sign (born October 23- November 21st) you know you have to keep your sense of humor. A sense of humor will go a long way for all of us right now. It is actually a very powerful discipline and effective practice for living a happier life - if you have a lot of Plutonian energy (or are just living on planet earth) comedy on Pandora Radio is your friend.

I have a Scorpio rising sign so people's first reactions to me have always been complex

(our rising sign is kind of the mask we wear - it influences others first impressions of us, how we interact socially and how we view and relate to others - I also have Saturn conjunct my sun which seems to amplify this, but I won't get into that).

People either really like me or really dislike me immediately. I was the girl on the playground the other little girls wanted to be best friends with ... or beat up. There was never any middle ground for me.

I did not understood this intense energy was working through me and interacting with other people's intense (and often uncomfortable) energy; their loose ends. I just thought I had no social skills. Now, I know I do have social skills - they are just the kind that get you invited to coffee when people are hurting or looking for answers but not to the neighborhood barbecues. And this is all ok and more than ok actually, words are probably more important than cole slaw after all (well, unless the cole slaw is very, very good of course).

I will write more about this tomorrow - I have lockets to weld and orders to get out - and still want to get into the sun a bit today (I can feel my Vitamin D level increasing and my garden fairies celebrating with every plant that goes into the ground right now).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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DancingMooney said...

Glad you are finding time for sunshine and garden play. ♥