just because she's beautiful doesn't mean you aren't - part III - re-learning clear speech & Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde. We are in the season of "re" now.

(redo, reconnect, rethink, repeat, revise, redesign, recuperate, repair - you get the idea)

It is the perfect time for big universal energetic support to re-language our thoughts and conversations to dismantle our negative talk and limiting beliefs which I am convinced are at the root of the scarcity mentality that creates so much pain in the world (at least my world!).

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Limiting beliefs are the thoughts, stories and 'spells' (more on spells a bit later in these posts) that we invite, through our own words, into the deepest spaces inside us and sometimes expel out into the world as conversation that inhibit our potential and limit the choices we make in our life.

For most of us, there is less question about whether or not our words are powerful as there is about how to best use this power to improve our world.

I have always loved anagrams and cryto-quotes and similar kinds of word puzzles. I had a bit of an obsession with them as a kid actually - also mythology, astrology and Rumi.

(And yes, all these things will work there way into this series. I was also obsessed with my metal wheeled roller skates, Ellen O'Neal and Tiger Beat magazine - luckily for you, dear reader, I will leave them out of this one.)

Words are powerful.

I love how "word" and "lord" can be combined to create "world". And "uni" meaning one and "verse" meaning word or poem or song makes "universe". And a spell is a s-p-e-l-l.

And dog is God spelled backwards (maybe especially that one).

You might be familiar with the Bible story of the Tower of Babel - which is the story of God's displeasure at humankind's progress after the great flood. Everyone speaking the same language and working together meant soon nothing would be out of humankind's reach. This worried God so much that he scattered everyone all over the planet and changed their one language into many as a way to dis-empower everyone.

One nugget to take from this story is that Babel babble = dis-empowerment. This is the same story we work through every Mercury Retrograde. Mercury is the God of communication. We honor Mercury when we speak our truth, when we think through our thoughts before we say our words, when we say more and talk less.We dishonor Mercury when we babble. We also dis-empower ourselves.

So, the first step in my "Mercury Retrograde re-languaging, limiting belief busting, scarcity thinking mindset dismantling practice" is to eliminate the word "want" from my vocabulary, yes in all situations.

Want isn't the step before have. 

Want is the opposite of have. 

This is important. 

And I don't mean this in a "The Secret" kind of way. I mean this in a mindful language - say what we mean because what we say matters - kind of way.

We have heard this all before - how saying want keeps us in a state of wanting, but what it actually does is keep us in a state of not having.

I started this last week. I would never have believed how often I use the word 'want' - just changing this one thing has my head spinning.

I am also eliminating the 'nts when I mean yes. For example by saying things like "doesn't it taste good? isn't it great? didn't you love it? wouldn't you like one?" - I don't use negatives often in this way. I have caught myself a couple times though. These sentences should be "does it taste good? is it great? did you love it? would you like one?". Also eliminating the word "but" which we all know negates everything that comes before it.

So, the first step in our re-languaging this Mercury Retrograde season (which lasts for 3 weeks and is just enough time to establish this practice as habit)- eliminate the word "want" in all forms - substitute "desire" or "choose" or change the sentence around entirely to make it more powerful and eliminate babble.

For example - I just caught myself saying - "I want to be alive to dance at Sully's wedding." I did a quick mental CANCEL (gently imagined myself hitting the keyboard delete key) and then said "I will love to be alive to dance at Sully's wedding!".

I also said, "I want the tiramisu" and then re-languaged it to, "I'll have the tiramisu."

step 2 - eliminate "but" in all forms. Use "and" or form a new sentence.
step 3 - eliminate the shortened version of not "n't" when we are not saying not. (got it?!)

Up Next in Part III - just because she's beautiful doesn't mean you aren't - speaking our reality, why this stuff matters


lynn bowes said...

Ah, yes.

Coincidentally, I eliminated 'but' from my language after ironing to a segment of Dr. Phil (not a fan - just needed noise to iron to, you understand). In this segment he spoke to the word 'but' and said that it negated everything you said before inserting the 'but'. Interesting. That stuck with me and it was when it went away for me and I, too, substituted 'and'. Coincidence? There are no coincidences in this world IMO.

Love the vein you're in because it really speaks to my/our need to insert our round pegs into someone else's square hole. Too much Pinterest and other artist sites to waste our time cruising and it just sets us up for comparison failure. IMO.

Catherine Ivins said...

Agreed, my Pinterest action plan failed because 1. the site is way too distracting for someone with my attention span 2. comparison failure and 3. spam followers PLUS every time I get excited to try some delicious food from Pinterest there is no recipe attached ... good thing you didn't listen to me, which is my best advice for most things Lynn - and agreed no coincidences and we are all in this together xo

KJ said...

I went to World Market and discovered all sorts of stuff that I did not need and couldn't live without! Life is often like that. I like "desire". How about lust after?

Catherine Ivins said...

I like lust after. I went to dinner the other night and my daughter said I was driving her crazy, in the way only mothers can do, because I kept saying "that's not bad" about every course of food. I didn't even realize I was saying this, and am now even more convinced recognizing my quasi-negative language is the key to my more positive future self. Don't need and can't live without sounds about right! xo