Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of August 3rd - Saturn Says MAN IT UP

Mega-accurate and amazing astrologer Susan Miller has called August the best month of 2015. She isn't concerned with Saturn and maybe we shouldn't be either!

Read her HERE (if you know your rising sign, read that FIRST)

Maybe since Saturn sits all comfy, cozy with my natal Sun I give him a little too much power. But, I see pressure this week.

Anyhoo, here we go because this is another big week!

First we've got Jupiter, Mercury and a retrograde Venus huddled up in Sun ruled Leo - this makes for a big old party!

Good news, expansion of love and money, optimism, generosity, yes, it's good, but it's not all good because the fly in the ointment here, yes, I know another fly - is all this is squaring a direct Saturn in Scorpio.

(Saturn is direct since the weekend - so it's forward ho!)

The Daddy of the Zodiac is saying "Wait a minute, people! No party until you've done your work." Saturn says we must commit before we create. Two big new creativity cycles starting soon, so what needs to be wrapped up here? What needs to be acknowledged and committed to?

Saturn wants us to do one of the following before he leaves Scorpio in mid September:

face some limit, live up to our responsibility, create more solid ground, grow up, end something, get really good at something ... yada, yada - all the stuff your strict father would tell you to do if you had one.

Now Venus squared Saturn back in mid July, so this might be a Groundhog's Day style replay of that .. or maybe something else pops up. Whatever it is Saturn is asking of us - we already know about it. It's probably been hitting us in the head since the fall of 2012. Just finish it, fix it, do it already.

Saturn will create some kind of delay or road block or just a splash of cold water for the revelers at that Leo party - there are advantages to limits though!

People ask me "how do you think of all these things to do with cork?" and I say, "well, that's because it's all I do think about"- which isn't actually true of course I also think about my daughter .. and my dog ... and chocolate, but you get the idea. Creativity needs limits. If I say to you "make something", you'd be all over the place. If I said to you "make something out of a Cheerio box", you'd come up with something amazing (yes, amazing, I have total faith in you).

Limits can create focus and focus can erase limits.

We also have Mercury and Mars changing signs this week. Mercury moves into Virgo on Friday, the sign it rules, so Mercury gets some extra power for 3 weeks - this makes our communications more precise, our words more accurate and fast moving things move more fluidly. You know how things can get wonky when Mercury goes retrograde, well this is the opposite of that. 

The next day Mars finally joins the Leo party - Mars is a burst of something new. So maybe Saturn creating that obstacle or delay or "no" is actually a good thing because then here comes Mars with a little warrior energy that says "let's try something NEW." And that new is exactly what we need or maybe Mars is exactly what we need to just keep on keeping on while Saturn is tossing rocks in our path. Mars in Leo is about taking right heart action - acting with our heart!

Basically this week is some kind of limitation, then more information comes in and then we take some kind of new or bold action.

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