Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of August 23rd - Get Stuff Done, Meeting With DESTINY

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We've got the Sun in Virgo for the next 30 days, so we are all burning the fuel of Virgo precision "do the job. do it right. measure twice, cut once. eat your veggies. move your body." - you get the idea.

(ugh, Virgo, I'm tired already!)

Summer is winding down ... sniffle.

He is joining expansive Jupiter, who's been in Virgo since August 11th. Now we get a little movement going! This is about what we will be working on through next July.

Our focus turns to our Virgo house - what house(s) holds Virgo in your natal and progressed charts?

(this is an especially important time for people born in the 60's with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo - more on this later in the week)

Make a list of how you want this area/house of your life to expand. Start to get organized. This year we need a plan.

On Monday we have a Sagittarius Quarter Moon that has us thinking BIG and BELIEVING in ourselves. It's also an energy that encourages us to RUSH and bounce from one thing to another, but we won't. We've got a Virgo Sun to keep us grounded.

By Tuesday and Wednesday the Moon is in Capricorn and we are plowing on through whatever is in front of us. We can get a lot done with this energy. We are building toward a full moon so this is the peak work time of the monthly moon cycle.

(if you are looking to work with the Moon, this is the week to put in the hours - remember working with the Moon isn't a Monday to Friday thing - we slow down after the Full Moon Sunday and rest completely during the few days of the Balsamic Moon about 10 days later)

On Thursday, Mercury enters Libra and conjuncts the North Node on Friday (we could also feel this on the 24th or 26th or 30th). Our attention will flip to key relationships (Where's that flock people - I just left another flock last week - ugh!).

A NOTE ABOUT FLOCKS - Remember as relationships take center stage this week we have a long history of giving up our individuality for the safety of the tribe. This is not the tribal experience we are seeking in this new paradigm. Let's not focus on getting specific outcomes with others now. Instead let's just focus on feeling our OWN emotions. The tribe needs our individuality now. This is not the time to be fixing anyone or anything.

The North Node is our future and with Mercury, the fleet footed God of communication nearby a message about our future will be delivered.

Are you paying attention?

We might meet someone we are destined to meet. We might have a meeting or talk with someone that impacts our future. We could have an idea or receive an offer. In gracious, balanced and partnership oriented Libra however this plays out there will likely be choices.

Over the next 3 months (Mercury will be retrograding in Libra in a couple weeks so this is a longer transit than usual) Mercury will conjunct the North Node two additional times (October 8th and 10th) so whatever comes up this week will come back around then. This might also connect back to last September.

(back in October 1995 and 1996 we had this configuration if that time frame rings a bell for anyone for fated options and meetings)

On Sunday we have a Full Moon in Pisces. I'll do another post on that. It will be a biggie and connects to mid September. Did I say the eclipses are coming? Some people feel the eclipses a month early - if something has just eclipsed itself right out of your life, know it needed to go. xo all

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