New Moon in Leo August 14th - FRESH START | Money and Love Reset Button

Today's New Moon in Leo (even with a retrograde Venus and maybe even because of it - she does conjunct the Sun tomorrow!) is excellent instigating energy.

Fresh starts associated with this New Moon

(we've got a friendly aspect to Uranus now, too - making unexpected events, to quote Martha here - a good thing and favoring our more unorthodox and unique endeavors and perspectives)

have an element of generosity, excitement and, dare I say this - LOVE - connected to them.

Now, the enthusiastic and impulsive nature of a New Moon in fire (new moons happen in the dark so we can't see everything that is going on now) means that not all projects will succeed in the ways we intend them to. 

But starting now - especially with a blank sheet of paper and an open heart - enable the energies at play to work with us. 

Imagine the Gods and Goddesses rubbing their hands together excitedly, "OH! YES! NOW we've got a PROJECT!".

Today (and the next two weeks - the energy is strongest closest to today) are the time for a 
NEW START (or revised start; new to you totally works here

regarding what we are known for, our creative work and what we value and are prideful of. 

We have the joining energy of Leo - pride, accomplishment, recognition and the Venus retrograde focus on the re-evaluation of what we value - our relationships and resources. This Moon breaks our recent run of challenging Moon phases and begins our journey through the upcoming eclipse cycle. This Moon kicks off a new 28 day cycle, a new 6 month cycle and a new 18 month cycle. Working with the Moons makes our job so much easier!

Unlike a Full Moon when things come to light - the New Moon is the time we look inside.

With Venus retrograde there is the possibility of something or someone from the past (or past life, if you resonate with that) coming back into play now. Relationships may not be forever with this energy, but they will be exciting!

What is your natal house activated by these energies? That's your work space. Where is 22 degrees LEO in your natal chart? Don't know? Email me or go to and print your chart for free.

This New Moon is the reset button for our habits and beliefs regarding our love and our money - we absolutely can get it right this time. If you have natal or progressed (remember the universe didn't stop moving the moment we were born) planets in fixed or fire signs at close to or on 22 degrees you will feel this New Moon the strongest. My midheaven is 22 degrees Leo so I'm rethinking everything. Anything ending now is standing in the way of what our heart really wants - let it go.

INTENTION TIPS: let your heart guide you, forget logic with this one, clear your head, write what your heart wants not what you think you should write, write your intentions down by hand in script on a blank piece of paper, speak the words out loud, burn the paper - release your attention from these things knowing your intention is known. Life has heard you. Do what is in front of you.

Know these things are already yours.

xo all

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