Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 15th Part I - a strange and unusual attraction

c-i-s-m- by nylon juvenile

This week we are in the waxing (growing) Moon phase without having Mercury covering old ground - this is great energy to get stuff done and move ahead with our plans.

The Moon goes into Gemini early MONDAY morning. This supports communications, agreements, sales and talks - we can get the ball rolling now. Mercury is in Aquarius so be sure we are writing down our innovative ideas - their pace will be fast and furious and they can fly out of our heads as quickly as they fly in!

Mars in Scorpio is sextiling the North Node in Virgo and trining the South Node in Pisces (22 degrees Virgo and Pisces).

The South Node is the going bye-bye stuff we are releasing. Trines take the brakes off and Mars in Scorpio could help the ending be quick and painless by focusing us on that North Node sextile (ie the opportunity and in Virgo - our path of service).

This is a sextile between negative elements (yin) - Earth and Water - so we will need to take action to create the opportunity (as opposed to it falling in our lap, although it can certainly have been created by our past actions).

The bottom line with this energy - there is no stopping the stuff that is leaving (our work with it is finished) BUT there is a BIG old opportunity somewhere if we just change the direction we are looking. Take action on the new (and your Virgo house - 22 degrees).

Take business cards, introduce yourself, make that call.

Mars is entering his shadow later this week so whatever we start then we will be working with (our natal Scorpio 23 degrees thru Sagittarius 8 degrees) until August. 

(this will also re-visit the Saturn in Scorpio transit of 2012 thru 2015- we'll deal with it - we are older and wiser now!)

If we have something we can wrap up now so we are not dragging it through the spring and summer with us, wrap it up. Pay attention to what starts this week and know whatever it is, it will be a process.

Remember the energy now can make us unusually effective so let's be sure we are focused in the right direction - we don't want to get what we think we want and then realize we don't really want it.

On TUESDAY the communicative Gemini Moon continues - let's not get overly chatty now or let our minds wander all over the place. Venus makes her move into future-oriented Aquarius. Aquarian Suns and ascendants get more attractive (good time for a haircut or makeover Aquarius!). We are all more able to attract what we want by being more detached from the outcome, more humanitarian - more out of the box. Think rebel, genius, criminal here!

Venus rules love, our relationships, money, our values, women and beauty. The way we work with all these things will benefit from Aquarian's ability to consider new perspectives. Think re-invention. We will all be attracted to the strange and unusual now - which can be a good or not so good thing - just keep this in mind.

There is the potential for some melt-down sibling (equals) rivalry type stuff this week (we'll see this play out politically) - use Aquarius to keep a cool head. This is an old story. This will require some time - some things can't just be fixed.

Melt downs need to melt (and it's still pretty cold outside).  

Keep in mind February and early March, in many ways, is the calm before the storm. When we are tired we should rest. When we are inspired (and we will be!) we should move. Get organized and get into a healthy, balanced routine

(this year of Jupiter in Virgo - ruling our daily habits - can truly aid us in sticking with the stuff we start, especially when it comes to our health and work habits)

 - next month this t-square will strengthen and we will be very, very busy and it won't let up until the end of summer - so get the plans and structures in place now to stay healthy and organized when however this will play out for you personally hits the fan!

Back later with the rest of the week. xo all

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