Venus in Aquarius | our values shift

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The stuff we value (love, money, what money can buy and what it can't) can morph now as Venus follows Mercury into Aquarius.

(that odd thing we couldn't get out of our head now wiggles its way into our heart)

We can attract and be attracted to something outside our comfort zone, not easily available or what is on the edge of what is acceptable.

Last month we combed our hair - maybe this month we comb it into a style that is different.

And at the least we will be drawn to those who do

Saturn (in Sagittarius) is opposed to our Gemini Moon today, so whatever is happening now could involve legal, educational, travel, political, wedding or media (ninth house Sag ruled stuff).

We have the fighting siblings exact today (Eris/Mars) - battle of equal and opposing energy. And we have a female energy trying to soothe things and it probably won't work. Sigh.

I'll tell you how this story is playing out for me.

There is a customer who owes hubs a lot of money. This doesn't happen often but it does happen a couple times a year. Usually we sit on this kind of thing for a bit. Usually we eventually get paid. Once in a while we don't. We've been sitting now for four months.

I'm seeing an attorney today (a female attorney actually). I usher in Venus in Aquarius - the clear headed woman who can take a detached approach to the situation - even while I can see astrologically this will not be a quick or certain fix.

Tomorrow, Mars (action, initiative, war) begins the path he will retrace two more times during his upcoming retrograde so I am going into this knowing I might be dealing with this situation for months. Being someone who prefers the path of least resistance, but also someone who prefers to be paid for services rendered and also someone who doesn't sleep well when dealing with crap like this - I am determined that putting the situation in the hands of someone else is the best way to handle this.

Under normal circumstances I would be that detached female energy (Aquarius Sun but with Venus in my 2nd house of love and money, not so easy to detach myself in these areas), but this time feel it best for my peace of mind and physical health to bring in a surrogate (since I see the potential for something lengthy to be unfolding here). I am valuing my peace of mind and health over the money we will pay for outside help.

(which probably sounds like common sense to most people anyway, but I am not so certain the outside help will change the eventual outcome here - I am certain though that changing the way I normally handle things, will change me, and this, the evolution thing, is the entire point of life on planet Earth after all)

This is one of the best uses of astrology - seeing enough of what's ahead to tweak the picture a bit.

Another great day for production and communication!

xo all

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