Mercury Covering New Ground In Aquarius | decision time

attitude by ntscha

Mercury moved into Aquarius on January 1st, but almost immediately stationed and retrograded back into Capricorn where he retraced his December steps. Then a couple weeks ago he stationed again and started moving forward, yes, retracing those same steps for the 3rd time (two steps forward, one step back). It is only this weekend that he actually starts covering new territory!

We will notice.

We can make decisions now regarding our goals, career, authority and responsibility issues (and your Capricorn natal house issues!). We've been going back and forth over this stuff for weeks. We know everything we need to know. Now we just have to decide. With choices and connections consciously made, there is no need for regret no matter the outcome. This is long term planning decisions and clarity on the rules we will have to play by to get what we want. If we don't get clarity right out of the gates, I can't imagine we won't be clear by the Full Moon on the 22nd.

With that energy behind us, Aquarius in Mercury (communication, information) will focus us on something new and freeing and maybe concerning the group. Expect news and invitations to offer us opportunities to work with this energy.

Aquarian energy is fixed and detached. Let's take a step back and look at the whole picture before firing off an email or communication now. Let's not take things personally. This transit supports our decisions (which might be rather inflexible now) as long as we can detach from our happiness depending on a specific outcome.

Freedom loving Aquarian energy does not work well when entangled ie caught up in deluded beliefs, reckless actions or a compulsion to rewrite history or control the future.

(and yes most Aquarius suns are major control freaks!)

With Aquarian detachment we can recognize what is not ours and not take it on.

Sometimes other people's problems are not ours to solve. Sometimes challenging/bad things happen to us that are not our responsibility. Simply encountering obstacles does not mean it is our job to remove them. Making progress is not the same as removing obstacles - sometimes we can shift, dis-entangled, and keep going.

It's time to put the whole January shit show (pardon my French) behind us and move on. If we haven't solved it by now, it's probably not our job anyway ....


lynn bowes said...

Detaching from a desired and certain outcome is one of my struggles. It's in my nature to want what I want and to work to make it so but now it involves making sure that I have control of the situation in order to get what I want. My brain starts thinking of how I can manipulate others to get everyone on the right path - my path - and I have no doubt that contributes to my frustration. I blame it on not being able to see into the future to know how it will all turn out (in my favor, of course) but the truth is that I have to trust and let go and just detach. Surely it will all go astray if I detach!

Here I am awake at 1:am and now I have that song worm in my head - Let it go, let it GOOOOOOO . . .


Catherine Ivins said...

Yes, I have the same struggle with control. And what happens when we try to control the outcome - we give our power away. We let the stuff outside of us determine our happiness. Merc comes out of shadow during quarter square of the Taurus Moon tomorrow - this is answers. This is long term planning decisions, clarity on the rules we will have to play by to get what we want.

I always want to know what's going to happen, too. Even though I know there is no 'what's going to happen'. What we do/think/be impacts the outcome - the outcome isn't certain. The future is uber-flexible.

The best thing is always to honor the process. Think transformation, not action. Until the old is so stripped away from us that we have no choice but to act in new ways - we will only be able to re-create the old patterns. I don't think you have to have control of the situation to get what you want. I think you only have to be clear on what you want. And that's the clarity now. All the crap that has to fall into place to get you what you want is not your problem. That's where the dis-entanglement comes in. Make what you want - your own happiness and piece of mind.

The strongest outer planet this year is Neptune - the sign of confusion, boundaries disappearing, stuff dissolving, being figuratively and even literally lost at sea - this factors into everyone's situations this year (individually and collectively). With Neptune our methods of coping don't always work. There isn't always an action we can take to solve our problem - sometimes we must wait for the problem to dissolve. This doesn't mean we don't take action on the stuff in front of us. We do. But every obstacle isn't a test. And we can't know the outcome because the 'knowing' would change the outcome.

It's like imagine you were Peyton Manning last weekend and you were out on the field ready to go except imagine that you already knew the outcome, you already knew you were going to win, so what do you do now, what calls do you make, how do you play - what would happen? - well, you'd probably f*ck it up