NEW MOON IN GEMINI | Monday, June 3, 2019 - new options, new stories, changing our mind, more than one way forward, seeing double, time to notice what we are noticing, diplomatic strategies, defending our choices, pleading our case, a fresh insight that requires our courage and initiative grabs our attention and won't let go

On Monday at 6:01AM EDT the Gemini Moon meets the Gemini Sun at 12 degrees giving us this month's New Moon in, you probably guessed it, Gemini.

Strangely enough for a sign that is all about making connections, this New Moon isn't really making any!

Gemini is all about the movement of information and ideas. Gemini is about choices and multiple anythings. Commerce. Exchange. There will be more than one thing to talk about now, more than one thing to do, more than one way forward. With no other planets making any tight aspects this Moon is all Gemini all of the time.

Things started now could move forward very quickly, although maybe not in a totally straight line. 

Change can't be stopped folks!

Information (and remember there is a quantity over quality thing happening now - use discretion, check things out) will be coming at us from all sources. We won't be bored for the next month that is certain. If you need a mental health break now and then - take it.

Ruled by Mercury and ruler of our 3rd house, Gemini rules our growth through the exchange of information, through contact with our immediate environment, through language. Gemini reigns over: the flow of information, technology, communication, our mental processes, conversations, stories, lies, our local community, our neighbors, our siblings, our transportation.

Gemini is the first air sign of the astrological year - a sign of the mind, the archetype of the "teacher" - the storyteller. If you are a Gemini Sun sign this is basically the way you process life. As soon as you learn something, and you are naturally curious and learn alot of "somethings" - you simply must pass it on. Gemini has more to do with questions than answers. She has been mentally exploring and noticing stuff her entire life.

Gemini is perspective. What we notice becomes what we think about, what we talk about, what we act on.

What we notice becomes who we are.

It's a good time to notice what we are noticing. Of course, we would probably have to stop for a moment to do this and we won't be able to - because we will be so busy!

Let's unpack the chart.

The Sun/Moon are widely squaring imaginative and illusive Neptune, so we have to continue to double check information. Situations could be foggy and choices prone to disappearing. They are also widely opposing Jupiter - both of these aspects are building and will be exact next week, so let's look at them.

The Sun will exactly square Neptune on June 9th - this could make us tired/sap our energy, maybe secrets come into the light then. The Sun will oppose Jupiter on June 10th, this could be too much of a good thing (or something like greed), but can also bring us bounty and good luck. With the Sun squaring Neptune at the same time we'll have a magical (and tricky) t-square to talk about as we get closer.

The most exact aspects in play right now are a trine to Pallas (in Libra) and a semi-square to Vesta (in Aries).

The trine to Pallas in Libra (brakes off) speaks of diplomatic strategies and goodwill that will factor smoothly into our New Moon beginning. Compromises/seeking balance within our relationships. Communications and ideas will take other people/partnerships into consideration. Maybe people are talking about what they want/need.

The semi-square to Vesta in Aries (start or warning of a potential crisis/tension) speaks of the New Moon's beginning challenging (Aries semi-square) what we hold sacred (Vesta). With Mars (Aries ruler) in Cancer - maybe we will have to DEFEND what we are doing/saying/thinking. This could actually be a good thing because it will force us to dig more deeply (Gemini can be kind of superficial and there is a building square to Neptune) into our ideas/choices. Should we still be dedicating our time/attention to this? Do we still believe in that? Do we actually know what we are talking about?

Mercury (ruler of Gemini and this New Moon) is sextiling Vesta. This is  gentle, but opportunistic. Here is a nudge in the new direction, some way through the choices. Here is what is most important to us. Focus on this. With Vesta in Aries it could require courage/initiative. It could be a new idea that grabs our attention and won't let go.

Keep in mind New Moons are times in the dark. We can't see where we are going with this yet. Gemini is mutable air - things are in flux.

Mercury is comfy, cozy in her home sign at the time of this New Moon, but is quickly (within hours) going to leave Gemini for sensitive Cancer. So we move quickly from our intellect/head into our emotions/heart.

We will be feeling what people are saying. Our own words will be impacting other people emotionally, too. Feeling vulnerable will quickly be part of this New Moon's beginning.

Mercury will move on to square Chiron (in Aries), so it is likely some words/thoughts could be painful. Whatever this is it won't likely be bandaged up by us (or someone else) saying just the right thing - with Chiron the pain is the healing. Thinking about - "why do these words hurt? what is familiar about this?" and then maybe having a good old cry - yes, one of those big, old ugly ones that make everything a fuzzy, black, mascara-y blur - might just be more healing than trying to fix whatever has just been re-wounded with some Betadine. This wound is too old and too deep for that.

We are probably still a couple days away from the waterworks though.

For now, set your intentions! 

And get what you can get done NOW - mid-June looks especially gnarly with Mars opposing the Cappy line-up (prepping everything for 2020), Mercury will meet Mars three times during her/his upcoming retrograde and THIS WEEK is one month before the first summer eclipse - events often happen one month before the eclipse dates, so this New Moon in Gemini's new chapter is uber important.


This is a great time for affirmations for Gemini themes - movement, flexibility, wit, communication, logic, social graces and ease, siblings, local issues, teaching/learning, mental anxiety, areas of life where you are seeing double or doing two things at once, our nervous system, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and our lungs.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a good frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive place (meaning both happy and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from them knowing that your intention is known.  

Know what you seek is seeking you (Rumi). 

Know these things are already yours.

xo all

I have my sister in town and took a day trip on Sunday and didn't get to the weekly. I will try to get to it over the next couple days or we will run this motha' with the dailies this week!

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