Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July America!

I don't want to be a big party pooper and tell you just how un-green those amazing firework displays really are.

(but... in Beijing, China, the smoke from fireworks during the new year celebrations tripled pollution levels overnight AND the toxic metals used to get the bright colorful sparks fall back to Earth, contaminating soil and water)

Until we figure out the fireworks dilemma there are some things you can do to make this holiday and the rest of your summer celebrations a little greener.

Grill Green: What goes better on the 4th of July than a tasty bbq with friends? Well if you're going to grill it, why not grill it green? And if you're going to have a green bbq, don't miss The Daily Green's eco-friendly 4th of July menu.

Party Green: Inhabitat recommends you take one of my favorite simple steps and rock the biodegradable plastic wear (unless you're going to use real plates and silverware - which would be better). Check out more of their 5 cheap and easy 4th of July ideas.

Drink Green: Mother Nature Network (MNN) has some great green 4th of July ideas too. Some of their tips include everything from all-natural bug repellents to the best organic beer suggestions. Happy 4th!

Some Red, White and Blue Etsy Style:

1. ZJayne Amazing 4th of July T-Shirt Bag
2. Farouche - Awesome Drunken Tags
3. Amy Hatch - Beautiful Red Rose Necklace
4. Artwork by KD - Recycled Red, White and Blue Earrings
5. The Vintage Closet - Gorgeous Striped Vintage Shirt
6. TuTu Monkey - Cool You Design Tutu


Sonia from Rockabilly said...

I don't even want to think eco for the 4th- oh no- you have ruined it for me! hehe just kidding cat!

Brenda said...

thanks for the green grilling link-lots of good tips- love the pet tips