Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Hump Day Honey

A little assortment of sweet awesomeness to get you over the hump of this crazy July week and give you some ideas for great places to spend some of that moula you have been working so hard to earn lately!

I am totally in love with Moshi Moshi Designs' gorgeous dresses, Eight Season's beautiful organic bags, Aaron Ruell's stunning photographs, PlayDoh cologne? Oh yeah!, Goldfish trashbags - I've gone to heaven, Recycling Totebag that tells it like it is, Kendra Zvonik's stunning new collage work and fruit shaped sticky notes- almost too cute to use!


pixelhazard said...

The back on that green dress is pretty and I love the bag below it. My sister and I spotted those sticky notes as well and couldn't believe it. I think there may even be a pictur of seeds closer to the inside of the pear/note

Botanical Bird said...

Whoa!!! I love the apples & pears, simply amazing and luscious too!

Kate8085 said...

Can I have the chair in the tea cup photograph. Amazing.
Love the sticky notes!

Kendra Zvonik said...

Thank you, Cat! I'm glad you told me about this post because I totally would have missed it! I appreciate your support so much!!!!
I am really enjoying making this new work- it feels so much lighter and more freeing than my work of the past. I hope the work will make people happy.