Friday, July 6, 2012

this is your brain on july ...

I apologize for not finishing up my pricing series this week as promised, I haven't broken a promise in a day or two long time - unless you count the ones I made with my fingers twisted behind my back but we all know those don't count.

This week the heat got the better of me and I think my motivation melted along with most of my remaining brain cells

(I noticed some oddly shaped puddles of pantone's tangerine tango and sodalite blue around the studio - at least things melt pretty here at Olive Bites)

It took herculean efforts on my part to get the things I actually had to get done done if you know what I mean - and herculean is no exaggeration - every time I brazed a locket I felt like John Connor's mom in Terminator 2 - I had to resist the urge to drop my propane and start doing pullups.

So, have a nice weekend everyone - it's going to be another scorcher, but at least we have our water back
(did I say we had to boil our water last week because of a water line break ... and ... did I say that my normal distrust of authority figures telling me everything is now ok, has me still boiling it)

oh and here's a pic of Olive and Ruby trying to beat the heat - their awesomeness is abundantly evident
Hope your weekend is filled with same - the awesomeness part I mean. xo


doforanimals said...

Wow. What a great doggie moment you captured here. Those little tipped heads are too adorable.

The Florida heat where I live saps my energy, motivation and cognitive abilities year round. It's kind of miraculous I accomplish anything.

Catherine Ivins said...

ack Diane- I can't even imagine Florida right now ... to accomplish the head tip I had to torture them a bit with - want to go for a ride?

john smith said...
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