Monday, July 6, 2015

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 6th | Preparing to CHOOSE

We kick off this week with our Cancer Sun (all about our security) opposing Pluto; retrograde in Capricorn.

This is going to pull some of us back to that March 20th eclipse.

Pluto clears out what is not working, worn out and dysfunctional. It sounds like this would be the stuff we would want to let go of anyway, but life is not always so simple. Sometimes this stuff needs to be pried from our cold, dead fingers and actually Pluto rules death and can oblige this, too.

(hopefully it won't come to that though!)

The United States has a Cancer Sun - we just celebrated USA's birthday on Saturday. 

Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of stability, our foundations, power, and the polarity of Cancer, has given us a national Pluto opposition since 2008 and continues until 2023. 

The country and its institutions are being tested for flaws in its character and cracks in its foundation. If the flaws are deep, the institutions will fall. Fate will be the judge of any weakness here. Lies can be disastrous. Shortcuts will not work. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn we had the American Revolution.

For each of us personally, this is a time we can clearly see our self defeating behaviors. We will feel a need to control our own lives. For everyone, but especially those who carry a strong Plutonion signature, there will be power struggles. 

We are learning how to step into our own power and responsibility and find the balance between standing up for our rights and not imposing our will on other people. It is a challenging polarity to balance.

(and speaking of Polarity - warning shameless plug ahead - have you seen my Polarity Lockets?)

This week we have Pluto making this opposition with the Sun allowing us to see clearly some dark corners we would probably rather not look at. There may be ulterior motives and secrets and power struggles. We may have to put some of our energy (Sun) into Pluto themes - debt, inheritance, taxes, insurance, other people's money. Next Sunday, the Sun will square Uranus and whatever needs to break free, probably will. Uranus will allow us to move on and make the necessary choices. There may be some security rattling with this one.

We have to do what we have to do now. If you know you need to do it, just do it. Whatever we find ourselves avoiding now is what we need to move on from BUT this is our Saturn summer to clean stuff up. Do what you have to do first.

On Tuesday Mercury's final aspect in Gemini is an inconjunct to Saturn (retrograde in Scorpio) so there will be some communication, meeting, offer related to someone older or more established maybe or related to our goals or something financial, sexual, maybe divorce, mortality, reproductive issues, or third party stuff. We will need to be flexible here. The Moon is in Aries so we get a little of that warrior energy to work with and we have the Cancer Sun to proceed with love and compassion.

On Wednesday Mercury moves into Cancer so our communications and conversations get more emotional. Home, real estate, renovations, security might be our focus. Our attention moves to our inner circle - old friends and family require more of our energy and attention and give us more of theirs.

Venus is moving toward her long, upcoming retrograde. If you have any beautification projects planned - don't wait too long. In 2 weeks she will be retrograde and that will not be a good time for a new hair color, paint color, you name it. You will just have to re-do it later. Don't do anything new and permanent beauty related with Venus retro!

Venus has three meet-ups with Jupiter - expansion (7/1, 8/4, and 10/25) and three squares with Saturn - retraction (7/14, 8/5, 10/10).  She’s in Leo for most of this encouraging our heart to choose the road ahead! Then she moves into Virgo saying, "make it good, make it last." We are starting a new twelve year expansion and abundance cycle with Jupiter and a new eight year love and values cycle with Venus AT THE SAME TIME - this is why we need to be doing what we love now!

We can think back to the Augusts (within a couple months in either direction) of 2007, 1999, 1991 and 1983 to see what new Venus chapters have brought us in the past! We only get Jupiter and Venus launching new cycles at the same time every 24 years so let's make this one count. This summer is our time to get it all together and tie up any loose ends, so we can move forward in the fall! xo all


DancingMooney said...

Hey Cat! I don't know how you keep up with all of these blog posts, along side all else that you do... sorry I haven't posted much lately, but I have been reading though. A confusing time for a while, but I think I have come to the point of letting go of the things that are not working so I can focus on the things that are.

Family and location and values and lifestyle have all been on my mind lately... but it feels like somehow they are all connecting and I see a clearer path.

How are things for you this summer? Hope you are well and had a happy 4th!


Hopemore Studio said...

I love these posts Cat, thank you. They make me think ahead and behind.

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks Angie! Things are good Janell - working on a healthier, more sustainable life here! xo