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Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 10th - if we ran like our mouth this week, we'd be in good shape

me, and me, and me by senju-hime

We have a long and messy Mercury story (or stories) this week capped off with a Full Moon in Aries conjunct (anything can happen, out of the blue, genius, rebellious) Uranus.

It is super unusual to have this many active Mercury days in a row!

Keep this in mind when information and communications are conflicting and volatile.

Let's dive right in. The week kicks off with Mercury (information, ideas, communications, conversations, siblings) catching up with Jupiter (expansion, luck) in Libra. We had this same conjunction a few weeks ago when they both met up in Virgo (I had some good news that day about Olive's health, maybe you had some good news, too).

We are fortunate to have these planets meet up again so soon!

This is a time, Monday and Tuesday, to get good news or have positive conversations or ideas around Jupiterian things - travel, politics, education, weddings, legal, foreign, media, marketing, publishing or Libran things - partners, money, what we value, women, beauty.

This would be a good time to sign an agreement that benefits both parties or have a conversation that brings peace, balance or fairness to a situation. The energy is optimistic - there is some potential for good news to be a bit overblown though - keep this in mind.

At the same time we have a very different energy with Mars sextiling Neptune, so maybe we are angry about something done in secret or in some hidden way. We feel misled. Maybe the words left unsaid are more important than what is actually said out loud. On the other hand if we are the one doing the backdoor deal other people can be mad at us. This could also be about taking action with Neptune themes - escape, imagination - the things, people and situations that have been 'put away' - ie hospitals, prisons, at a distance, etc.

This week we also have the Sun opposing Uranus (change, rebellion) and Eris (the angry feminine) - this shines a light on whatever issues trigger our need for freedom or our need to allow the feminine part of ourselves to just be pissed off.

On Thursday the same Mercury (in Libra) squares Mars (in Capricorn). This is tension and arguments and volatility within our relationships and communications. We could jump to conclusions here or say the wrong thing. We will all be more easily irritated and liable to speak in anger. This would not be a good day to try to negotiate something unless there is some kind of unbiased mediation going on or some guarantee that everyone can keep a cool head. Better to go for a long walk, run or bike ride to burn off this energy. Drive and operate machinery with care. We will be highly distractable. Not a good day to talk about politics (ack!) unless we want a fight - in business, stick to topics everyone can agree on. Some action is needed here or could be forced upon us.

On Friday, Mercury (I told you this was a long story) sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius. The conversation gets serious. We could be talking to people older than ourselves or we could be the older person in the conversation. Our words commit us now. Our thinking and judgement are clear. This is great energy for making long range plans. This is about our responsibilities and goals. Good energy for teaching and learning.

Finally on Saturday, Mercury (is there an echo in here?) squares Pluto (in Capricorn) - this is about intense conversations, information and communication. This is good energy for research or getting to the truth about a situation. It is also good energy for taking something way too far. The more forcefully we verbalize or present our point of view or some information, the more potential criticism and backlash we could meet up with. Know this if you are working with controversial views or materials. Keep things balanced and in perspective.

This all builds to the Saturday/Sunday Full Moon - which I'll do a post about later in the week.

So what does such an active Mercury mean? 

(other than showing us how many planets are impacting Libras and our Libra planets who have been challenged from multiple directions for a while now)

For certain, communications will be fast moving and shifting. Positivity and rational thinking could quickly give way to anger. Down can go up and up can go down. At the end of the day (or week) there is real opportunity for progress here. Let's keep a cool head and know that the end of the story is probably not the end of the story - at least until that Aries Full Moon that probably changes everything anyway.

There is alot here about Libra (balance, fairness, women, our values, love, equal partnerships) and alot here about our Libra house.

With Mercury in Libra our best tools could be our ability to listen and our ability to see both sides of situations and our best bet for success is trying to find that common ground ..... but with Libra answering to Scorpio right now (Venus in Scorpio) we probably won't be pulling any punches either.

xo all

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