Venus trine Neptune | Mercury opposing Chiron - acceptance of what will never be enough

compassion by renato54

We have Venus (in Scorpio) trine (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces). This is a good time to reach out to someone with compassion and a good time to offer compassion to ourselves. This is sacred union energy and coming with a Libra Sun and Moon even more powerful!

The shadow of Venus in Scorpio is she is never satisfied. There is always more to be had. There is never enough. The space where we are never sated, where our cup is never full, is the red flag for us now. This is the energy that wants healing (this is the healing that will save the world).

The unsatisfied feeling is our way in.

The highest vibration of Venus in Scorpio is the healed warrior. Scorpio is considered a space where Venus is in her 'detriment' but that is a consideration that comes from patriarchy.

She just won't be controlled here. She won't be told what to do.

So, instead of us feeling threatened by this energy - there is a respect for the mystery.

What were once shameful secrets are seen as survival instincts. What was once jealousy is seen as fear that there is not enough for us (again a survival instinct ready to be dissolved) .. or the knowledge that enough is never enough.

This is also an excellent time to use our intuition and imagination. We are in the New Moon energy now and Venus trine Neptune enhances this in magical ways! What do we want to create? How do we want to connect?

We have Mercury (in Virgo) opposing Chiron (in Pisces). Mercury is our communication and our thought processes (also our dealing with siblings and neighbors). In Virgo, he likes to nitpick over the details and zeros in on mistakes. Chiron is our sacred woundedness that cannot be healed. In Pisces, he connects us to others who share the same wounding.

With them at cross purposes today probably the less that is said the better. Telling someone what we think they are doing wrong (Virgo will want to zero in on the problem), will not be as helpful as just being there and offering compassion.

Simply saying to a friend going through a hard time, "this must be so hard" will work more magic than offering up solutions.

xo all - have a nice weekend - it's our monthly affirmation time, don't miss it!

p.s. someone asked me yesterday why I didn't mention that yesterday's Moon was a Black Moon. A Black Moon is what they call a New Moon that happens twice in the same month. I'm not sure why they call it this - all New Moons are black. I'll have to Google it. This wasn't the second New Moon in Libra though - our New Moon in the beginning of September was in Virgo, so astrologically speaking this Moon wasn't a second New Moon of the sun cycle, so no biggie in that sense - it's still a wonderful New Moon though and I'm sure our ancestors would have thrown a couple extra goats on the pyre just to be safe! :)

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