Full Moon in Aries | send in the clowns

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Even though I have avoided reading about the scary clown phenomenon (clowns already scare the hell out of me) I can see how well this epidemic (although I'm sure mostly media hyperbole) works with the Aries Full Moon conjunct Uranus and Eris.

SURPRISE! We would laugh except for the fact we are terrified.

And of course, we can see this 'October Surprise' thing playing out on the political stage.

Eris (discord, angry energy of the oppressed, angry feminine) used to remind me of the Jolie character in Maleficent but is starting to remind me of Spacek's Carrie after the pig's blood.

I'm pretty sure Trump's advisors (and the gut instincts that have carried him this far) would have tried to dissuade him from trotting out Bill Clinton's female accusers if there were any skeletons in his own closet. But here is the self sabotage that brings down (in various ways) all of us, when we, as my grandma would have said, "are the pot calling the kettle black" or "live in glass houses and throw stones".

Trump was born on a lunar eclipse closely aligned with the United States' Mars. His Sun (our life force) conjunct the United States' Mars (initiative, anger, courage, war) is one reason so many people see him as powerful and energetic and capable of leading the country. It also explains the 'anger at authority' he 'shines a light on'.

Unfortunately for Trump having his Sun conjunct the United States' Mars at a lunar eclipse (Full Moon) means his Moon is opposing this same Mars. The Moon represents emotional, feminine, maternal, nurturing energy. The Moon rules Cancer and the United States has the Sun in Cancer. The rising of the feminine (and oppressed) is the defining energy of our time period and he is running against a woman and having trouble appealing to women and minorities - this all makes perfect sense.

He is actually offering all of us a great gift, although it currently comes in the form of a clown with an exploding head ....

Everyone alive on planet Earth at this time has a responsibility to face our own personal shadows in order to transform the collective shadow. For all of us complaining about our choice of candidates this election - this is how we change our choices. Everyone wants to change the world - changing ourselves is the place we start.

Anyhoo, back to this weekend's Full Moon (which is actually exact in the wee hours of Sunday morning EST) which I wrote about HERE.

It is shining a bright light on the shadows that carry our collective anger around authority and freedom.

There are a couple ways to work with this weekend's energy 1. lie low (my plan, actually), drive safe, work safe, live to fight another day when the energy is more supportive of cooperation

or 2. we can fight.

Fighting is often under-rated and sometimes necessary BUT I will not go out of my way to challenge anyone now. I will not give someone an ultimatum without being fully prepared to do whatever it is I am threatening to do. I will not argue with someone about our differing opinions - this will only escalate the situation and not resolve properly with this energy.

We can stand up for ourselves without standing over someone else's self -

(and this includes our children who could really be damaged with this energy)

Mars (ruler of this Aries moon) is in Capricorn - so we'll keep our actions steady and maintain our balance in this shifting energy. We'll channel self-discipline. We'll tighten our belt if we have to. 

We'll stay focused on the top of that mountain we are climbing.

Don't forget to go outside and walk in the moonlight this weekend. If you held onto your New Moon intentions from the Aries New Moon last April, this could be a good time to let them go. They have reached whatever energetic peak our current timeline and energy level allowed. They have done their job and so have we. xo all

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