Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 17th - keep busy, be prepared to duck, if something has to explode let it be confetti!

the unexpected by MOTHart

On Monday, the Moon will be void in Taurus from 10:45am EST through the end of the day, so if we need a specific result from something we are doing either get it out there early or postpone until Tuesday. It's a great day for practiced work or to give ourselves an extra day off for the Full Moon weekend. Don't overspend or overeat today. Get outdoors. If we have to rush we will working against this energy - stop and smell the roses ... or at least slow down and have an extra cup of tea before getting to work. The need to make an adjustment could come through a conversation or communication now.

On Tuesday, the Moon is still void until 10:30am EST. Venus leaves Scorpio and heads into Sagittarius (through 11/11). Sagittarius peeps become more attractive - both visually and able to attract what they want/need. Our Sagittarius house is more able to attract what we want, too!

With Venus in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius and Jupiter in Venus ruled Libra - these two planets are said to be in "mutual reception".

This will make Venus themes (love, women, values, money, beauty) and Sag themes (foreign, travel, higher education, legal, weddings, politics, media, religion) super-charged for the next month.

Any word sandwich you can make with these themes (and the themes of your own Libra and Sagittarius houses) will have extra energetic support - legal advice or media exposure leading to more money, travel connecting us with love or beauty - you get the idea. Balanced exchanges will benefit both parties now and with Sagittarius ruling the great, big world out there - the sky is the limit with this stuff!

With the energy building toward tomorrow's exact meet up of Mars and Pluto this could be a good start/launch date if you are hatching something you need to take off like a rocket.

on Wednesday, Mars and Pluto hook up at 15 degrees Capricorn. These guys last hooked up in Capricorn on November 11, 2014 and before that in 2012 and before that ... well, not in our lifetimes! Mars and Pluto are a war aspect. We will be seeing many people's shadows here. Let's avoid that dark alleyway frequented by those scary clowns we were talking about. Although in Capricorn this is more likely to have connection to authority than the circus - don't speed, don't litter (please don't litter), don't tell your boss what you really think about her new shoes.

This is great energy to push for what we want, to be ambitious - it is very explosive though - keep in mind the Capricornian model of integrity and honesty. Maybe something started two years ago could fall apart now, to make room for something else or be pushed to the next level.

So, a new story for the actions we need to take with our Capricorn house (Capricorn is going to be even more important as we move into the next few years) and the conclusion or next level for something from two or four years ago. Initiative, anger, passion, commitment, courage are the buzz words here. This is powerful energy so if it hits our chart and we don't use it, it will show up in our lives through other people or situations. We will have more control if we use it rather than are used by it.

If we need to be brave about something now - well here we go - WE GOT THIS THING.

So we've got Mars (anger, courage, initiative, war) and Pluto (death, destruction, rebirth, transformation, karma, power) in Capricorn, ruling authority and career and the structures that underpin our society AND we've got the 3rd Presidential debate (ugh!) AND we have Mercury opposing Uranus. 

on Wednesday and Thursday, Mercury (in Libra) opposes Uranus (in Aries) - this is some kind of surprising or shocking news, probably within relationships (partners, collaborators, competitors, etc).

Hang on to your hats, folks! It's crunch time. Hopefully they will surprise us by canceling the debate. If the show must go on - success will come to whoever uses their power and influence most wisely (no big surprise there though!).

The Moon is void Thursday morning until 11:30 am.

On Friday, the Moon will be in emotional (and security focused) Cancer opposing that Pluto and Mars conjunction and squaring Jupiter - we could be very emotional or insecure with whatever has been happening this week. Reactions can be overblown.

On Saturday, the Sun moves into Scorpio where we can start to heal and go-deep. Lots of aspects for the weekend - I'll do a later post. This is another crazy week. Buckle up. Buy the wine NOW.

xo all

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