Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 31st - Halloween hauntings and stuff falling into place

Halloween by Miobi

Happy Halloween!

They say the veil is thinnest between the worlds today (this must be amplified with the Sun and Moon both in Scorpio this year). In Celtic tradition called Sanhaim and the Day of the Dead in Mexico there is always a Scorpian theme of death, birth, ancestral gifts and baggage.

Pay attention to our dreams (and signs) now.

On Monday, we will want to hit the ground running. We are still in the New Moon energy (new opportunities, ideas, insights) of yesterday's exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Scorpio and Jupiter will amplify everything - this is a new and exciting week!

The Sun and Moon are both in deep and penetrating Scorpio. Now they sextile brave (and maybe angry) and energetic Mars and karmic/powerful Pluto. This is a good time to enjoy positive vibes with influential people. Last minute changes are likely, but wheels can be greased here.

Mercury (information, communication) is trining (brakes off) the South Node of what we are releasing. Neptune is sitting with the South Node. There is some delusion to be let go of here. This is part of our collective journey - this is a collective turning point.

An almost effortless flow of information has the power to change things. 

On Tuesday, the Moon is void until 10:45 am EST (we can take a moment to catch our breath), then moves into fiery and optimistic Sagittarius. The Sun and Neptune are positively aligned. A light (Sun) is thrown on Neptune themes - imagination, spirituality, deception, dreams, healing, research, romance, what we are doing that is put away or hidden.

There is a karmic flow with whatever is playing out this week - some things will be out of our control. Rather than pushing to make things happen (although with all births there is some pushing!) stuff will flow together (or apart) through our involvement with external (often powerful) forces. There is some kind of reality check here.

On Wednesday, the Sagittarius Moon hooks up favorably with Saturn (in Sagittarius) and Jupiter (in Libra). This is a good day for Sagittarian themes - travel, politics, foreign, higher education, weddings, marketing, media and religion. Luck with (and for) women, love and money.

On Thursday, the Moon is void all day - lots of work can get done, but don't launch/start anything new unless you want 'nothing to come of it'. Mercury (in Scorpio) hooks up with Pluto (power) so if a news/decision didn't show up yesterday it probably will now. Powerful people will be in the news now, too.

We have Venus (women, love, beauty, money, values) squaring (tension) Chiron (wound) and trining (brakes off) Uranus (anything can happen, rebellion, genius) - this is about healthy risk taking and encourages us to try something new (maybe a heartfelt apology or explanation that speaks to other people's hearts?) and also waives a flag of caution about taking things too far ....

On Friday, the Moon in Capricorn sextiles (think:friendly) Neptune (in Pisces) squares Jupiter (in Libra) hooks up with Pluto (in Capricorn) and sextiles (again friendly) Mercury. This sounds complicated and it is, but stuff is coming together.

With our emotions in 'all-business' Capricorn we will probably need to fight the urge to nitpick. Don't spend all day focusing on the fly in the ointment, maybe just stir the ointment and assume the fly adds protein!

Nothing and no one is perfect and the closer we look the more imperfections (real and imagined) we see. Sometimes it's OK to take a step back.

(this is good to keep in mind always and in particularly during this roller coaster election cycle when everything is micro-analyzed and distorted - remember quantum physics has taught us that we affect what we look at just by looking at it!)

Let's focus on our goals - we get down to business.

So, we have a week with positive news or connections with authority figures, trying something new can be healing now, a focus on Neptune and Sagittarius themes and luck with women and money if we stay grounded and don't overdo it. Keep goals realistic. Think before speaking this week.  

There is fantasy. There is reality. We can understand and connect to what really matters anyway.

Whatever seems so serious early in the week could (as Venus hooks up positively with Uranus) turn into something very positive and freedom-producing later on. Things turn around with this energy.

So here we go!

Don't forget to seed this New Moon energy by setting spoken and written intentions!  

Happy Halloween!


stregata said...

Wishing you many wonderful things for this beginning Celtic year, Cat.
I hope Olive is continuing to recover? xo

DancingMooney said...

"Whatever seems so serious early in the week could turn into something very positive and freedom-producing later on. Things turn around with this energy."

So need this right now. I was feeling really emotional and weighed down yesterday, but I think I'm feeling much lighter and stronger today, thank goodness!