Sun trine Neptune | connection, healing and creativity or in way over our head

by Adam J Kurtz
Today the Sun (in Scorpio) trines (brakes off) Neptune (retrograde in Pisces) at 9 degrees.

This will increase our sensitivity, empathy and need to connect with like-minded others (where's that damn flock?) or people in need.

Kind and compassionate actions, even small ones, push us forward in big ways now

Our physical life-force (Sun) can work smoothly with Neptunian themes - creativity, romance, spirituality, escape, delusion, addiction, the things and people 'put away', healing, research, institutions.

Maybe some kind of charitable (Neptune) work beckons (Sun) to us.

Maybe a creative project (Neptune) needs our energy and attention (Sun).

Maybe we shine a great big old spotlight (Sun) on our dreams and wishes (Neptune) - yes, please.

Maybe we work (Sun) a meditation practice (Neptune) or spiritual practice (Neptune).

Our intuition is high; dreams (the kind we have when we are sleeping) colorful.

This would be an excellent time to make a vision board!

The potential downside with this energy is getting in over our head or becoming too unbounded.

Trines (brakes off) can take us from zero to sixty very quickly - they are that slippery slope our grandma warned us about.

Avoid temptations that could lead to excess.

Toss the extra Halloween candy in the trash now.

xo all 

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