Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 7th - a change is gonna' come

knitting in november by ankazhuravleva

By Saturday all three personal planets - Mars, Mercury and Venus - will have changed signs (and we'll have a new President elect).

What a week!

First, Mars leaves Capricorn for Aquarius on Tuesday night (thru January 28th).

Mars (energy, action, initiative, anger) hasn't been in Aquarius for over two years. Aquarians and Leos will feel this change in energy and everyone's Aquarius natal house will have more energy and be more active.

On a universal level this will have our collective Mars energy focused on Aquarian themes : groups, the internet, technology, sudden change, rebellion, invention, freedom, independence, charity, our vision and the 'collective'.

We'll have Mars in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) and Uranus in Aries (ruled by Mars) - there's that mutual reception (extra power) thing we had going on for the last few weeks with Venus. To me, this would seem to fuel anarchy or rebellion .... or vision and invention. Probably both. Hold onto your hats, people.

EXAMPLE for Scorpio Rising - (Aquarius 4th house) Mars into your 4th house could increase family squabbles, bring increased activity to your home or home business, be used for renovation - even small changes can create big energy shifts - makes this a good time to relocate - active energy will be focused on home and family

Next, Venus (women, love, our values, money, beauty) leaves big-picture, freedom loving Sagittarius and moves into serious and security focused Capricorn on Friday (through December 7th).

Venus grows up and faces responsibility here. We get more serious with our money. Relationships take a more serious turn. Flings and flights of fancy in our relationships no longer cut it. There is an emphasis on tradition and respect for personal authority and boundaries. Women get to work.

Capricorn Sun and Risings (1st house Capricorn in your natal chart) get more attractive (both physically attractive and more able to attract what they want). Our Capricorn natal houses get more attractive, too.

EXAMPLE for Taurus Rising (Capricorn 9th house) Venus into your 9th house can bring travel and educational opportunities, relationships with people or one special person from another country or background. Publishing, media and legal avenues can attract women, love and money.

Then on Saturday, Mercury moves from deep, dark Scorpio into big-picture, expansive Sagittarius (through December 2nd).

This is fertile ground for both words that feel good and positive and optimistic and words that are overblown, overstated and conspiratorial. While in Sagittarius it will square Neptune in dreamy Pisces the results could be over-promising and probably some talk about things that are too good (or too big) to be true.

Conversations and communications will revolve around things/people that are foreign, legal issues, media, education and politics - yes, more politics - sorry!

EXAMPLE for Leo Rising (Sagittarius 5th house) Mercury into your 5th house can increase communications and conversations around creative projects, children, romance and fun and games. Excellent time to write. Great transit for teaching. Great transit for flirting and romantic chitchat.

If you are an artist or craftperson headed into the holiday season maybe the things to keep in mind with all of this are:

1. People will take action (Mars) on things involving their groups, technology, innovation and that give them a sense of freedom
2. People will be attracted (Venus) to things that make them feel safe and secure with a connection to tradition. I know this is a bit of the opposite of Mars - but that's just how it goes. Things don't always fall all one way.
3. People will be communicating about and listening to (Mercury) BIG words and ideas - use optimistic and positive language. Avoid over-promising.

In our personal lives we will experience all these transits over the next few weeks, but depending on our individual chart one may take precedence.

I will try to write a post on each transit but I'm trying to get my wholesale orders orders out today and will probably blog about the election again tomorrow (I did one here over the weekend and no, I won't choose sides, so everyone can read without feeling that their candidate might get bashed)- I'll see how much time I have.

The Moon is void pretty much all day Tuesday (working hours) 8:54am to 4:45 pm EST so this would not be a good day to start anything new or launch anything that you would like to lead to anything. This is the only Void Moon during work hours this week.  

And it's Election Day - ack - it could make things rather problematic or messy and then it moves into dreamy and elusive Pisces which won't help much!

Are you ready? Change is coming (although not as much as 4 years from now!).

If you are in the U.S. please vote - every person counts!

xo all

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