Venus Conjunct Pluto | Venus Square Jupiter - intense desire for .....

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Jupiter (in Libra) squared Pluto (in Capricorn) yesterday.

This has been building for a couple weeks and is the first of three squares (tension/conflict) between these powerful planets over the next 8-9 months. This is important and part of a longer story, so pay attention to what is happening in your life (and in the collective) now.

Jupiter in Libra wants expansion through fairness and balance and beauty. Pluto in Capricorn wants transformation and destruction of structures built on shaky ground and structures that have run their course.

Neither wants us carrying around dead things, ie ideas, beliefs, situations. And if you think "that's ridiculous I drop that dead thing immediately", well, maybe you do, but maybe you are like the rest of us and loaded down like Sherpas.

Squares are tension, but tension creates movement and growth. They don't always feel good though.

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving I imagine there were many dinner tables where opposing views were coming together - maybe even for the first time since the election. This energy is tricky.

Hopefully ideas and beliefs were passed around civilly like the mashed potatoes and turnips. We could digest what we wanted without judging what other people were digesting.

For example I don't like that weird string bean dish that someone always brings. But lots of other people do. I don't have to judge them as wrong or weak or 'different than me' just because they like to add crunchy nonsense to perfectly good vegetables (what is up with that?).

It can be the same way with our other, more important, differences. It really can.

Today, Venus (in Capricorn) joins the party. She squares Jupiter and conjuncts Pluto. It can be good to push for what we want, but we can take things too far. If we find ourselves insisting our way is the only way, we'll know we are in the realm of 'taken things too far'. As my grandma used to say, "no matter how flat you make a pancake it still has two sides" (or maybe that was Dr. Phil).

We could become obsessive about what we want. That square to Jupiter in balanced Libra, can make things quite unbalanced as we reach/go for it. Decide if it's really worth it because it might not be. If someone else has to lose for us to win and we do win, at least let's be kind about it.

Avoid over-promising. Avoid over-compromising. Avoid over-controlling. Avoid comparisons with other people. 

Pluto combined with Venus can be intoxicating but also incredibly destructive.

More isn't always more.

Sometimes when we feel that we don't have enough, anything that feels like more could seem like an improvement. It might not be. 

This is how we end up with stuff we don't line up with. 

We focus on the empty (what we're lacking) and get more empty (what we don't need). Keep this in mind today.

The Moon is void all day. Void Moons result in dubious or non-existent outcomes. We could buy some big expensive thing and then realize we have made a mistake. Hold onto your receipts. The Moon, coupled with Venus, advises us to spend wisely this Black Friday.

xo all

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