Neptune Conjunct the South Node | Neptune Moves Direct - the fog begins to lift, something from the past evolves ...

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Neptune has been retrograde since June. This is one of those big deal/not big deal things because Neptune does this every year - spends five months of every twelve appearing to move backward.

Neptune is in Pisces (2012-2025), the space he rules, so he's very strong even when retrograde. He rules imagination, illusion, addiction, healing, escapism, secrets, lies, things and places put away and out of sight.

Tomorrow, Neptune finally moves direct at 9 degrees Pisces.

The reason this is a big deal this year is that yesterday he conjuncted (exact hit) the South Node at this same degree. The South Node is the energy of what we are releasing.

This could pull us back to something/someone from our past.

If you are comfortable thinking in terms of past lives, this could be something from a past life. We can also think of this in terms of something from our familial history that asks to be resolved/shifted now through us.

It's all the same thing - some energy we are carrying has the opportunity to evolve here. With Neptune endings are not usually abrupt - they tend to linger and then dissolve or fade away. We could see that happening now with something in our life. With Neptune on the South Node - something's got to go or something needs a boundary.

(I have no doubt Trump will build some form of wall. He will want some kind of physical monument he can point to later as an accomplishment - he will probably name it Trump Tower :) Sometimes breaking down a wall is the way forward and sometimes building one is. We have become so boundless so fast through technology, the internet and the multiple dimensions coming together I can understand people needing something like this to feel protected. Ultimately it probably won't be our walls that keep us safe, but being boundless in a 3D world is no less challenging.)

This isn't the best time to make a decision.

This energy has made it hard to tell what is real for months (and even years). We can see this in all the fake news crowding the internet.

Waiting a few days until Neptune gets his sea legs and Mercury comes off his square to Neptune will be better. Instead of looking for answers in our tea leaves or Magic 8 Ball, what we need to know will be right there in front of us as we move toward the beginning of December.

These are the last few days of Scorpio season and the last degrees are the most intense and also the most transformational. We will be questioning ourselves. Did we do the right thing? Where are things going? Are we on the right path? Having grounded projects and work and people around us will help. If most of our friends are artsy, imaginative types it would be a good time to have lunch with that serious friend who likes to talk about the life cycles of arachnids. Trust me on this.

With Mercury squaring Neptune there could be a story in the media (probably between now and Sunday) that attempts to shift our belief system in some way. 

If things don't make sense we don't need to buy into this right now. Clearer skies are coming.

It could be an actual person or situation from the past that is the spark plug here but it's maybe our subconscious pushing us or hitting us over the head (pebble or boulder). Whatever this is it could be rewarding (and painful with Chiron near by) to release or restructure.

This will be about our long term stability and security regarding family, work and money.

As always (until next May when we can let our hair down!) the way forward is through service, attention to our health, doing the work, attention to detail. Stay sober.

Saturn moves out of his retrograde shadow today (this is the same space he was in the late 1980's, so interesting politically isn't it?). This is about authority (ours and that outside ourselves) moving into new territory. We have alot of Saturn/Capricorn energy in our future - the better we can get things structured and in place the more 'in control' we will feel.

xo all - have a wonderful weekend everyone - lovely Leo Moon on Sunday for some fun!

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