Sun into Sagittarius - the power of positivity and focus and a BIG week ahead

____ by oprisco

I finished up wholesale orders this past weekend so didn't get to write up the weekly. We'll do dailies this week with looks ahead to stay on target, so here we go ....

The Sun moves into adventurous and goal-oriented Sagittarius today (thru 12/21 winter solstice).

This is the season of making plans and taking actions revolving around Sagittarian themes (and your natal Sagittarius house themes) -

education, travel, the people, places and situations that are foreign to us, publicity, media, politics, religion, philosophy. weddings, legal issues.

Anything we have going on in these areas, or need to get going on, can benefit from the Sun's energy and enthusiasm here.

In Sagittarius we get more done by behaving like its archer icon. We have our target in focus. We hold our bow 'in tension' and hold our intention for what we want to happen. We are positive (positive meaning certain, not "pink paint over problems happy"). We take action - we won't hit anything if we never release the damn bow. Right now the Moon is waning so it is more of a release cycle (emotionally). This doesn't mean we can't take action and get results.

What do you need to do with those Sagittarius themes or the themes of your own natal Sagittarius house(s)? Action there will be supported.

Now, if you are thinking these themes seem very familiar it's because Saturn (restriction, time, hard work) has been hanging out in this area since the end of 2014 and will be here until the end of 2017. And where Saturn goes - challenges, and our attention to these challenges - follow. It's not a smooth sailing month for our Sun here. These themes will continue to be serious and weighty. Grown ups are needed now.

Although challenged, it's important to remember the Sun is bigger (and stronger) than even powerful Saturn. Keep that in mind. If something seems insurmountable (money for college, media coverage for your small business, political happenings, legal issues) know that it isn't. Use the archer's tactics - positivity, focus and action. And, of course, we need to be aimed at the right target in the first place (hopefully we got a little clearer on that last month during our time in Scorpio, but with all this strong Neptune, maybe not).

Know that there will be fewer and fewer misses the more shots we take.

The rest of the week is crazy and busy. Lots of communication, conversations and news plus the first Jupiter square Pluto (series of three that takes us into next year, so 2017 really launches this week!)  - we'll all find out what that will be about within the collective and in our own lives. Thanksgiving may be stressful. Back tomorrow.

xo all

Note- The Moon goes void Tuesday at 12:40EST and stays void until Wednesday at 2:45pmEST.


DancingMooney said...

I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week already!!

Glad you are caught up on wholesale. Hope you can breathe for a bit. :)


Catherine Ivins said...

I know - time is flying! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xox