Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 14th - choosing what is real

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What a stressful and exhausting week! I was going to write about the election, but honestly only have the energy and heart to say a few words. If you are reading this Sunday night try to get out and walk in the Full Moon energy - it will be very healing.

Trump had a chart to win and he did (290-228). Of course, Hillary also had a chart to win and she won the popular vote (by over 2,000,000 votes). So, they both win, but only one will serve.

Trump's progressed Sun has just moved (after almost 30 years!) from Leo - the sign of the king, to Virgo - the sign of the servant.

This has made him more appealing to the common man (Virgo rules the common man), but will also, I would guess, be quite humbling in the weeks ahead. Actually both candidates have been humbled, along with all of us, now that I think about it. Trump also has a wicked Saturn transit coming up so no doubt the responsibility and change in his lifestyle (have we ever had a President before who's life got smaller when he became President?) will hit him like a ton of bricks if they haven't already.

He has a host of challenges and legal issues ahead and a couple crazy aspects even before the inauguration and they continue into next spring at least. And we still have that third Uranus and Eris conjunction in Aries in mid March 2017. Whew.

I'm going to do my usual week ahead and then post some big picture stuff at the end to kind of remind us all where we are and what is coming up.

There is an interesting site called Blue Feed/Red Feed . It's updated hourly. It's fascinating how, now that we are all looking at different things, we (along with a little help from Facebook) set up our world to see things that we agree with ... a chilling look at the echo chamber of social media and how it insulates us from reality. No wonder we can't agree with each other and each side thinks the other is crazy!

On Monday (early this morning actually, get out and walk in it) we have a Super Full Moon in Taurus. See my post about the Full Moon here. Hopefully it will be some of the healing balm we need right now. By 8:45 am EST the Moon is void and stays void for the rest of the day. It's not a good day to start anything new, but it is a good day to get alot done.

On Tuesday the Gemini Moon is all about our communications and conversations and other Gemini themes - siblings, our neighborhoods, ideas, transportation, meetings, education, teaching, speaking.

On Wednesday, the Moon is again void all day. Later in the evening it moves into Cancer which is great energy for spending time at home with family or nurturing ourselves.

On Thursday, the Moon will be super busy and so will we. A retrograde (but not for long) Neptune conjuncts our South Node (in Pisces). Something has to go here. Then on Friday Mercury (in Sagittarius) squares the Nodes. Maybe we hear or read something and have to separate fantasy from reality. Maybe a decision is required or an important conversation happens with an important person. There are karmic undertones to whatever we are dealing with. The next day (Saturday) Neptune stations direct. We start to move forward (maybe) with whatever this is.

With Neptune on the South Node we want to avoid hanging on to 'the good old days of the past' or escaping/avoiding the thing that is real and needs to get done. If something needs to be 'chosen' now - choose the most stable, real thing.


Sometimes, since I write alot of day to day stuff it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. Let's take a step back.

We still have our North Node (collective way forward) in Virgo. So, we do the positive Virgo stuff to move ahead - careful measured steps, attention to detail, service to others, taking care of our health. We release the negative Pisces stuff (south node collective release point) to move ahead - addiction, escapism, pie-in-the-sky thinking, laziness, lack of boundaries.

We have Jupiter (growth, expansion) in Libra (balance, fairness, love, women, partnership) until next autumn. Libra is a cardinal sign. It forms angles to the other cardinal signs. So since we have Pluto in Capricorn (since 2008) and Capricorn is a cardinal sign, we will have transits over the next year, as Jupiter moves through Libra, that aspect Pluto (transformation, death, rebirth, karma, authority).
And because Uranus is in Aries (since 2011), and Aries is another cardinal sign, as Jupiter moves through Libra he will also be aspecting Uranus (rebellion, sudden change, innovation). Jupiter also goes retrograde from February 6th to June 9th so we will be dealing with some of this multiple times. This stuff will be challenging.

The dates follow:

Jupiter square Pluto

Jupiter oppsing Uranus

We can see these transits are squares and oppositions - these are tense aspects. Let's see what happens around November 24th (yes, that's Thanksgiving - good luck if you are hosting) and we'll know what we are going to be dealing with until the end of next September

We are going to talk about this alot as we move forward. Cardinal sun signs and people with planets in cardinal signs (probably everyone) will be impacted to various degrees. This will almost certainly impact the U.S. chart and Trump's presidency.

OK, we still have Saturn (restriction, hard work, responsibility) in Sagittarius (what is foreign, foreign travel, higher education, philosophy, weddings, legal, politics) for another year. Sorry Sagittarians, but you are more than half-way home free!

If Trump is actually going to build a wall (or whatever restrictions are placed on immigration and what is foreign) - it will happen in 2017.

Now when Saturn leaves Sagittarius (where he has been answering to Jupiter) he will come home to Capricorn. Capricorns won't feel this weight in quite the same way Sagittarians have because Capricorns walk around carrying a load of rocks and responsibility at all times anyway! Saturn (father figure, structure, security, responsibility, restriction) will be very strong in Capricorn.

(what was happening in your life the last time Saturn was in Capricorn early 1988 to early 1991 - we will likely see some similar themes start to arrive at the end of 2017, early 2018).

Even after Saturn leaves Capricorn and moves on to Aquarius two and a half years later he will still be strong since Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius. Hopefully it doesn't feel like 5 years of winter - ha! If Trump survives the rest of 2016 and 2017, 2018 will be a whole new presidency for him.

We still have Uranus in Aries until 2018. This is the revolutionary aspect influencing war, rebellion, unexpected events that turn us in new directions. When Uranus moves into Taurus (2018-2025) he will bring that wrecking ball energy to our money and values.

Neptune is home in Pisces until 2025. She's helping us imagine a whole new world. She's also the slippery slope when we drift off to dreamland and don't get anything done. A strong Neptune is also making it hard to tell fact from fiction, fantasy from reality.

The other big aspect for next year - besides the Jupiter transits is Saturn trine (brakes off) Uranus. 

This could be good energy for the power structures and the rebellious masses or innovative energies to come together. 

It can also create power structures from rebellious masses or innovation, most likely technological, or create rebellion within the power structure. 

Anyway you slice it, it is probably a good thing - at least in the long term. This energy could help bring order out of chaos.

The dates follow:

Saturn trine Uranus

The eclipses next year will be HUGE in spring and autumn. The North Node moves into Leo! We have a transit on 12/31/2016 (Mars/Neptune on an eclipse degree) that we last had on September 11, 2001 (this does not mean it will be another 9/11). 

At least the Saturn/Neptune square of 2016 (dream vs reality) is finished. Some dreams are in ashes. Some feet are on more solid ground or at least our knees are.

It's been a hell of a year and it's not over yet!

xo all

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