Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 28th - a new direction maybe ...

*** ankazhuraleva

Lots of changes ahead again this week. I'll do daily posts but wanted to pop out something quick tonight.

Monday could be best spent preparing for Tuesday's New Moon in fiery Sagittarius. The Moon is void until 3:45 PM EST. We'll be busy - maybe focused on our Sagittarius natal house activities (where is 6 degrees Sagittarius in your chart?) or Sagittarian ruled themes - legal issues, dealing with what is 'foreign', politics, religion, education, media, publishing, wedding or travel.

On Tuesday we have the New Moon in Sagittarius (I will do a post about this tomorrow).

The Moon will be squaring the Nodes and a newly direct Neptune. Many will be starting a whole new chapter over the next couple weeks. There is great energy here for something important to begin. We may still have to release some kind of illusion, addiction (especially alcohol or sugar), tendency to escape or self-sabotage, but if we stay focused on seeking the most grounded (and healthy) path forward - we will find it.

Keep things slow and steady if the fog has rolled in. The path is there. With the Moon conjunct commitment loving Juno - choices (especially regarding partnerships) will be even more fated.

Also on Tuesday Venus (in Capricorn) squares Uranus (retrograde in Aries). This will be about our relationships, money, women, beauty or values. There could be a surprise or something unanticipated here that creates tension. Maybe something we thought we were finished with comes back around.

On Thursday the Moon in grounded Capricorn should steady our feet and make us more ambitious. Mars (in Aquarius) trines Jupiter (in Libra). This would be a good day for something new (and maybe even revolutionary) since Jupiter is the ruler of Tuesday's New Moon (in Sagittarius) and is now getting a 'brakes off' from fiery Mars. We could find ourselves in the right place at the right time. Take action.

On Friday Mercury moves into Capricorn and goes into the shadow of his December retrograde. Our words get more serious and we will need to use serious language to be heard. I will do a post about this later in the week.

Back on Tuesday with the New Moon post! xo all

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