Mercury sextile Mars | putting our words into actions - ideas get fired up

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Mercury (communication, conversations, ideas) sextiles Mars (action, initiative, anger) now.

Sextiles are handshakes, head nods and agreements. They represent opportunities.

Our words (maybe angry words?) marry our actions and initiative. 

We walk our talk. 

We move toward what we want with new ideas and language. 

Ideas (Mercury) are fired up (Mars).

When we speak with anger we are using our Mars (anger) to do Mercury's job (communication). This is like asking your auto mechanic to edit your blog post or your editor to fix your car.

It's better to use Mars for Mars things (action). Slamming a door or screaming in the shower would be better than to say something mean with reverberations long after that Mars (anger) energy has eased off. Later with Mars no longer running the show we can use our Mercury to choose the better words.

But now with Mercury and Mars in such a comfy cuddle and with Mercury trining Vesta (our ideals, what feels like home, what burns in our soul to warm us, purpose) maybe our impulsive or angry communications about our ideals works somehow?

Remember though it never works to push against what we don't want. We just energize whatever we are pushing against. We always want to be speaking about what we do want.

This is excellent energy to TELL PEOPLE WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO. Sorry for screaming, but it feels kind of appropriate. Maybe this talking will help us actually carry through and do the thing we are thinking/talking about!

This is good energy for people fired up by an ideal or purpose to bring together their words and actions to make a difference.

xo all

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