Mercury Sextile Jupiter | make that practiced pitch, make time to listen

___ by oprisco

Today Mercury (communication, conversation, ideas) in Sagittarius shakes hands with Jupiter (expansion) in Libra (partners, women, money).

This seems like a good time to make a pitch about something we are excited about and have some of that enthusiasm brush off on others. More than sweaty palms are exchanged in hand shakes after all.

There is a square to the finicky Virgo Moon that could make us speak without thinking and later regret it, so think through emails and online postings before hitting that enter button. But don't over-think or expect perfection from ourselves or others. Most of the energy is a go to - speak up.

This is also a good time to listen to what someone else has to say and make a connection. Mercury also rules siblings and neighbors - if there is something there that needs to be mended or set in motion - today would be a good day to have a conversation.

Introduce yourself to someone you have been wanting to meet or talk to.

This would also be a good day to start a course of study and learn something new. Science is reporting that learning a new language is one of the best things we can do to challenge and strengthen our brains. With Jupiter in Libra and the ruler of Mercury's host space Sagittarius and ruler of education and what is 'foreign' this would be an excellent time to begin. This is also great energy to make travel plans.

xo all

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