New Moon in Libra | growth through grace - affirmation time!

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The Moon conjuncts the Sun tonight at 8 degrees in balanced and beautiful Libra!

This closes out a very long and challenging Eclipse cycle.

This is a nice fresh start - particularly for our relationships. After weeks of drama and months of backtracking we finally have a New Moon with a bit less baggage.

With both the Sun and Moon conjunct Jupiter now - there is optimism and no small amount of 'expansion potential' attached to this one.

This would be a great time to study something new or to publish something. It would be a great time to travel somewhere or connect with someone new at a distance.

It would be a great time to get married (don't just grab some random guy and head to Vegas, of course, because you will probably be stuck with him for a long time).

It's an excellent time to take something, especially something that puts us in relationship with others, to the next level.

If you have been waiting for an "all systems go" you can stop waiting!

(and remember, if it felt like someone just yelled "ready or not here I come" and you aren't ready when I said this - you just need to take a step in a direction you want to go, you don't have to run off and join the circus this weekend)

Mars is in Capricorn and it is good to have him back on solid ground, even if he is not the most happy camper at a New Moon in Libra. He wants faster and bigger decisions than Libra likes to make, since Libra takes into consideration both sides and other people. His energy will be helpful now if an important or quick decision is needed.

Decisions can be challenging during Libra season. That doesn't mean we get to take a pass and not make them though (if we can comfortably wait until Mercury is out of shadow, we can go ahead and wait a week, but there is probably nothing to be gained by waiting). We can use this energy or it can use us. We can use the Sun and Moon in Libra to weigh decisions and take other people into consideration emotionally and we can use Mars in Capricorn to choose what is best for us and move forward decisively. Or the energy can use us - we can feel like we must do something but be unable to decide what to do. If that happens we can still use that North Node Virgo to do what is right in front of us.

After months of Saturn square Neptune putting up road blocks, this Moon has a nice sextile to Saturn promising advancement and recognition for hard work and stability and longevity for projects/relationships started now.

After all the self improvement projects we waded through in Virgo, Libra is the time we bring other people into the mix. We compromise. We negotiate. We collaborate. We make alliances. We make commitments. 

With the Sun and Moon squaring a studious and ambitious Capricornian Mars there is some work ahead, a need to be responsible and a need to dress the part.

There could be something now about justice or about being judged or maybe we need to pass a final judgement on something we have been back and forth with or maybe a judgement needs to be released.

The downside - there is always the potential with Jupiter so close-by to go over-board; to think something is bigger or better than it is. Keep this in mind. If something happens that brings the word 'over' into your head or to your ears or draws it from your own lips then pay attention.

(for example if you start thinking you mustn't over-promise, or over-do it, or over-spend, or over-commit - you probably shouldn't - dial it back a bit)

Also don't start something just to start some thing, if you know what I mean. You'll just end up not finishing and feel like you missed out or screwed up.

Today, we have this need for a fresh start that will give us more balance (more beauty, more love - think Venus ruled Libra here) in some area of our life and it is interacting with other people's fresh starts, too.

This Moon opens up all kinds of new opportunities involving  partners - both romantic and business, agents, clients, specialists and competitors - think "equals" over the next couple weeks. Who/what do we want to partner with?

It is also excellent re-balancing energy. What house holds 6-10 degrees Libra in our natal chart? This is our annual opportunity to restore balance, peace and harmony here. Also keep in mind that to stay in balance with something new coming in, something already in might have to go. Hasta la vista baby.

Libra's ruler Venus (in Scorpio) will trine (brakes off) a retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Maybe some dream really can come true.

Now a New Moon is only a first step, a step taken in the dark, but there is real potential here for something to grow from this one over the next six months, so don't miss it. Set your intentions (within the next 2 days) and take some new action (within the next 2 weeks).

Libra is ruled by Venus. She is the ethereal force of love, attraction, kindred spirits, beauty and our aesthetic sensitivity.

(the opposite of aesthetic is anesthetic - there's a reason all our senses spring to life in autumn and spring - she also rules Taurus!)

She brings things and us into relationship.

(it was during the Libra Sun that our ancestors, finished with Virgo's harvest, settled back into their homes and local communities - back into balance with each other)

Venus attracts. The stuff we are attracted to are vital clues to our job here on planet Earth.

Libra rules marriage, negotiations, teamwork, harmony, sociability and diplomacy. It is an excellent time to have the best energetic support for new beginnings in these areas. Since the New Moon is late tonight and I like to wait a couple days to see what comes up for me to work with and give the Moon a little time to grow - I am going to do this on Sunday night.

Get grounded - we have moved from an earth sign into air so this is important - always make affirmations from a  positive place (positive meaning certain).

It is a good idea, since the New Moon is literally a blank sheet, to work in a clean, uncluttered space and maybe right after a bath or shower. Definitely when you are alone.

We are planting seeds in the dark here - think about the ultimate seed in the dark planting - making a baby. What would you do then? Do that (yes, maybe even that, Venus is in Scorpio it can't hurt - ha!)

I find affirmations are most effective if I speak less on New Moon days so my words will hold more weight when I need them to. I usually burn a white candle to help me focus and thin the veils between me and me. It also helps to channel ancestral energy a bit since I am always thinking as I move my story forward, their story moves forward with me.

Write your affirmations down by hand in cursive, we want the letters all connecting and flowing together. Speak the words out loud. 

I used to write my affirmations on strips of paper and put them into a bowl of rice so I could mix them around every now and then with my fingers if things got stagnant. Last year I decided to burn them. I have written them on rocks and buried them.

This month, I'm doing something I did a few weeks ago to line up with a specific thing that happened pretty effortlessly afterward -

I'm going to write my affirmations

(astrologer Jan Spiller recommends writing 10, but I have found myself stretching to do that or writing the same things every month which feels silly, so I have worked my way down to 3 which feels like a powerful number to me)

on my chalkboard while burning a white candle - when the candle burns out, all by itself - don't burn your house down - I erase the words first and then clean the blackboard with water.

Some people store them until the corresponding Full Moon (in this case during Aries season) and burn them then. Do what feels right.

I don't think it's terribly important what we do with our writings as long as we are not pulling them out and checking on them all the time. Setting intentions is like baking a cake - checking on how things are going just slows things down.

We are not handing a honey do list to the universe! We are lining up with the universal energies of creation here.

And I wouldn't be sharing them with other people, which also feels like it dilutes the process or pulls them into our story. I was writing them on my blog for a few months, as examples for people, and that definitely wasn't helpful.

Then - and this is the important part - release your attention from your words knowing your intention is known. 

Know these things are already yours. xo all


DancingMooney said...

I need to print those words and hang them on my wall, they've become my mantra. "Know these things are already yours." ♥

I've always journaled, but for some reason I decided really recently to try art journaling (and now I am wondering why I waited so long!) but I wasn't sure if I wanted to share my 'art' journal pages online or not. I think you've helped me make up my mind about that. I get little messages from them when I write, and I can share those few words. I don't really feel the need to publish the whole thing.

I was on Pandora this morning, and found a new station I love. If you go into the search bar where you can create a new station... put your cursor there, and in the drop down menu click Browse Genres. Then find the category Focus, then find the station called 'Instrumental Chill'. I'm finding it really good music to be productive to.

Hoping Olive is doing a little better these days too.


Catherine Ivins said...

Your art journaling sounds beautiful Janell. I am sending little vibes out to my muses to send me a couple affirmations - Libra is always challenging for me - that whole 'other people' thing - ha! Just put on instrumental chill - let's hope for a productive afternoon! My morning flew by. Olive is quite a bit better- thank you. Have a wonderful weekend Janell! Thanks for the hubs/car advice - he's driving me crazy. xo

DancingMooney said...

Dawww. We are always here for you Cat. Quality over quantity. I've gotten shyer over the years too, working from home has made me more introverted than I think I already was. Maybe it's just the simple reminder to stay connected, and to put in the work for those who are worth it. At least that's what way it's felt for me lately. Just to get reconnected or to stay connected with those I love the most. :)