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eclipse by Tina Apple

Today's New Moon, at 9 degrees Virgo (Sun and Moon both in Virgo), is also a powerful Solar Eclipse, with lots of intimate and complicated conversations with the other players in the sky!

This is the bookend to the lunar eclipse of September 16th. By the Lunar Eclipse we will be in a totally new energy field.

If you are a Virgo or Virgo rising, this time period could bring you to a distinct turning point or usher in some kind of important change. If you are a Virgo, Pisces, Libra or Aries (the polarities the eclipses have been affecting the last couple years) 2015 and 2016 have been/will be eventful years for you and you can expect that to continue for a while.

Everyone with planets in their Virgo house and especially with planets or points near 9 degrees Virgo and its mutable neighbors Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini will be impacted by this one. You can check your natal and progressed charts or just look at what is happening in your life.

To lay this one out - we've got Mercury (ruler of Virgo and so ruler of this eclipse) just gone retrograde ... in Virgo. This is our mental processes, our ideas, our paperwork, our communication - something here is getting looked at more carefully now. Maybe something is no longer serving us in a positive way - some judgement or belief that needs to shift. Virgo encourages us to prioritize our health, to value quality over quantity, to be of service to others (not at our own expense though), to care for our pets, to take care of the day to day things that make our life our life. It also rules co-workers, employees and our work.

We also have our North Node (collective way forward) in Virgo and this is the last Virgo eclipse for about 10 years (this eclipse also ends a journey we began back in 1997).

We've got the Sun and Moon squaring Saturn and Mars (both in Sagittarius) and opposing Neptune (in Pisces). So, we've got the Saturn/Neptune square we've been dealing with all year impacting this eclipse as well as Mars, recently over his own long retrograde. We've also got the Moon's closing aspect a conjunction to Jupiter (in Virgo)!

With Neptune, strong in Pisces, (escape, illusion, imagination, hospitals, prisons - people, places and situations we have 'put 'away') opposing the Eclipse (re-boot). There is something that needs to dissolve before we can make this shift - maybe a belief or way of thinking/being. Maybe there is a dream that wants to awaken to get us back on track.

With Saturn (time, foundations, commitment) in Sagittarius (faith, beliefs, foreign) squaring the Eclipse - whatever we are building now must be something we believe in. Saturn demands our effort here. Results may not be visible (Neptune) and may be delayed (Saturn).

On the other hand with Mars (energy, initiative, our fight) racing through Sagittarius, maybe Rome really will be built in a day this time!

Eclipses can act as a kind of cosmic reboot; like when we download new software and have to turn our computer off and back on for the newly downloaded material to function properly. Except in this case, we are the computer, and our connection to a changing cosmos gets "reset".

Eclipses are some of the most dramatic means life has to draw our attention to spaces in our life that need to change. 

If we have moved too far "off chart" we can expect our attention to be drop kicked just where it is supposed to be. 

There is nothing here to fear or fight. With eclipses - something comes to light, something gets eclipsed out. It is also a New Moon that seeds real, and lasting, change.

All year the Saturn/Neptune square has been reminding some that we need to get our heads out of the clouds and come down to earth and others that there is more to life than certainty and safety and facts and figures. No one is untouched.

We had this crazy summer that kicked off last spring with the March Solar Eclipse in Pisces requiring us to let go of something. With Neptune on the south node (what we are releasing) some dream needed to go. We lost Bowie. We lost Prince. Transgender issues were in the news as our very physicality and the separation of the feminine vs the masculine began to morph. Bernie Sanders (the dream) lost the primary. We have/had continued unexpected violence. We have/had children dying on beaches and in bombed out houses.

The two eclipses this month will shift us back onto more solid ground.

There may be some twists to get us there. And the feet we place on the solid ground (remember we are a planet in flux, so solid ground is not so solid anymore either) are different feet than the ones that carried us last winter.

Opportunities can appear out of nowhere now. So can challenges. And yes, we are up for them, even when they feel insurmountable. The answers, and OUTCOMES, are in process and impacted by our changing beliefs. What do we believe now? Can we hold fast to our highest ideals? Can we release the stuff that no longer serves us?

The way we go with this truly determines the world we get to live in.

If our heart, and our chart, eclipses are fated, remember, are in agreement we can build long lasting and solid things. If what we create is based on false beliefs with shoddy workmanship it will all fall apart when Eclipse season ends with the Pluto trine at the end of September.

And if it does - go deeper!

This is going to be quite a month when we will be required to walk our talk and separate fantasy from reality - let's pace ourselves ....

And remember this is still a New Moon in Virgo (and if you are a Virgo - this is your Moon, don't miss it, do these within the next 3 days - with this Moon's closing aspect to Jupiter's good luck and expansion, I am getting mine done TODAY) so set your intentions and make your affirmations for Virgo themes for the best outcomes - health, quality over quantity, service to others, attention to details, work, co-workers, employees, day to day activities, cleaning, organizing, pets.

INTENTION TIPS: let the earth guide you this month, plant your feet firmly on the ground, clear your head, write what your physical self, grounded by the earth, wants not what you think you should write, write your intentions down by hand in script on a blank piece of paper, speak the words out loud, burn the paper, give the ashes back to the earth - release your attention from these things knowing your intention is known.

Life has heard you. What do you do next? Do what is right in front of you. 

xo all

Remember Mercury is retrograde (and will be squaring Mars) - don't make major changes or major purchases now.

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