Jupiter into Libra | beauty, partnership, balance and fairness - part II

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Jupiter moves into Libra this morning where she will hang her hat until October 2017. We talked about this in general in in Part I. Let's look at how Jupiter could affect all of us.

Libra is the sign that follows Virgo and the sign that precedes Scorpio. So in Virgo we focus on the nitty gritty details - we get it done as well as we can do it. We don't skip any steps. We do this thing, whatever it is, keeping in mind that it is really to serve other people, and we do it without overtaxing ourselves (and I am very much simplifying it here).

We move to Libra. We share this thing with the world. We take it 'out of the box'. That dream/gift we were building last year in Virgo - it gets opened during this transit. We also get to see/share other people's dreams/gifts. We come together with like minded others. Libra is the space in the zodiac where we love through sharing, cooperation, by looking through another person's eyes. It is the sign of relationship. It is the sign of real beauty.

The polarity sign (opposite) is Aries - which is the sign of me, me, me. This is where the balance comes in. If Libran energy leans too far toward the other person, we lose our connection to our Aries, to ourselves - we have people pleasing, we have living our life for other people, we have pouring pink paint on relationship problems and pretending everything is a-ok.

Then we head into Scorpio where all that crap gets unearthed and looked at. It won't be pretty.

Now Jupiter in Libra is a very good transit - it brings to mind the lyrics 'what the world needs now is love, sweet love", so I don't want to get all negative on it. Just keep in mind the balance thing and the 'we head into Scorpio next year' thing (and we have some oppositions to Uranus before then) that will be harder to deal with if we try to cover up, or float through, our problems now.

The bottom line - Libran beauty isn't about how we look - it's about what we are looking at and what we are sharing with others. 

What are we looking at? What are we sharing?

We will 'expand' during this transit by filling up with and sharing with others what is beautiful.

OK let's go through the signs/houses. You can look at your Sun sign here BUT it will be more accurate to check your rising sign (sign on cusp of 1st house)

BUT it will be most accurate if you know the house where Libra sits in your natal chart (and it can be multiple houses - mine is 11th and 12th). Go to astro.com - free horoscopes - natal chart. Or just ask me!

7th house ARIES- this is about expanding through your relationships. You will have an increased enthusiasm and opportunities to broaden your intimate relationships. This could be a time when you are required to learn compromise, not really Aries strong suit. This transit can unfold the next step in your closest relationship(s). Someone new and significant could come into your life during this next year - this could be personal or professional. With Uranus in your sign you are a catalyst for others now, too.

6th house TAURUS - this is about expanding through your work and/or your health routines. Your relationships with co-workers and employees and your pets will expand and be more optimistic, too. You will likely have an increased work load (maybe an opportunity to travel for work) and the increased energy to handle it or you will have to make changes in your work routine to balance your health needs. Imbalances will show up. This transit gives you 'luck' with health and work matters. If you need to turn your health around - here's where you do that.

5th house GEMINI - this is about expansion through creative expression. This is a great transit to play. This is a great transit to create - art and love and babies. Just don't take a total vacation on your responsibilities. You could travel for love or a creative project. HAVE FUN.

4th house CANCER - this is about expansion through your home and family. Maybe someone new moves in or maybe you move to a bigger/better place. Maybe you re-decorate. Maybe you set up totally new roots. If you have a home business - it expands. This transit offers enthusiasm and positivity with your family situation and opportunities to improve the 'base/bottom line/home'. Imbalances within your home will show up to be worked through and you will have the energy to deal with them.

3rd house LEO - this is about expansion through communication. You can sell and promote and connect with others via the verbal and written word. You will have big ideas and improved, more optimistic thinking. Your relationship with siblings can be more of a focus and can improve. If you have a tendency to exaggerate or embellish with your words this habit could grow bigger until the imbalance comes to your attention. You could travel to visit siblings or to share your ideas or words with others. YES, write that book and get it out there.

2nd house VIRGO - this is about an expanding wallet (here's where you get a little, or a lot, of reward for all the Virgo focus the past year!). You could make more money or increase whatever it is you 'value' - the stuff money can buy and the stuff money can't. This transit can improve your self-esteem. Maybe you raise your prices. Maybe you get a raise. You value yourself more now. Your income can increase and so can your spending. Imbalances with your money and other people's money will show up for re-alignment as well as self-esteem issues. Resources expand.

1st house LIBRA -  this is about expanding your whole life. Dream big. Spread your wings. This transit will increase your charm and ability to get along with other people. It brings love and attention. Someone could show up to assist you with study or travel. Imbalances will show up where you have a lack of boundaries, people pleasing or are too dependent. Make your life more beautiful, share it with others - you deserve it!

12th house SCORPIO - this is about expanding through what is hidden. Unseen forces are assisting here - there is spiritual protection. This is where things fall into place and good things can happen without much effort - this is also a preparation phase for next year's Jupiter transit through your sign. Memories may come up for you that bring expansion and healing. Imbalances will show up with things coming to light that are hidden.

11th house SAGITTARIUS - this is about expansion (luck and opportunities) through friendships and group activities. If you are a homebody or hermit (unlikely!) - opportunities will come up to get you out and about. You will unfold with other people. You can make friends with people who are very different from you now and this friendship will expand your way of seeing the world. If you carry a secret wish for your life - this is where it can come out in the open and manifest. Imbalances will show up through groups and issues with friends can come out to be worked through.

10th house CAPRICORN - this is about expansion through professional opportunities and public status. Relationships with authority figures and bosses will improve. You will have the energy to take on more responsibilities or imbalances will show up between work and home. You might travel for work. Your reputation will improve. This is a great transit for professional success!

9th house AQUARIUS - this is about expansion through travel, education, publishing, spirituality, working with anything 'foreign' to you. Legal issues work out in your favor. Maybe you have a great big wedding. Your wedding, travel, education, legal, spiritual job or business expands. This is a great time to study or explore something new. Your book gets published. You and your work gets media attention. Aquarius trines Libra so 'brakes are off' with this stuff! Anything standing in your way is on its way out!

8th house PISCES - this is about expansion through shared resources. This is a 'luck through loss' transit. A loss triggers an opportunity here. Maybe your partner's income increases. Maybe your tax or loan burden shifts or improves. Maybe you inherit money or something of value. This is also about increased physical and emotional intimacy and reproduction. Imbalances will show up through overspending or those taxes, loans, spouse's money issues. Taboo subjects can bring growth now.

Unlike Saturn, where growth comes from constriction and loss, Jupiter brings growth and unfolding through expansion, through more, the addition of something new. We'll work with this energy as we move through it - it will be a good thing! xo all

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