Sun conjunct North Node | a light on the path

the birthday boy

The Sun (in Virgo at 12 degrees) conjuncts (meets up with) the North Node (our collective way forward) today.

A light will be thrown on our path forward. Something/someone confirms we are on the right track or a course correction is visible. This will probably not be a big spotlight. Through the lens of Virgo even monster sized stage lighting can be reduced to the size of a penlight - what is our next small step .....

Synchronicities are common. So are repeating numbers and patterns. We could be more confident. There can also be a reminder to just be who we are - when it comes to our soul purpose, in many ways we are our own way forward since we were born with all the energetic patterns we will ever need to manifest! It could be a good day to get clear (re: clearing a space, making time or a plan) on practical ways (Virgo) we can move toward or forward on our best, most heartfelt, path.

xo all (the birthday boy, Sully, turns 3 today - the energies at play when your natal Sun meets the degree of the transitting Sun called your solar return, play a big role in your year ahead - and today's energy is very fortunate to build his confidence this year and guide him toward his destiny - lucky fellow!)


Anonymous said...

Just be who we are. Love this so much.

Hoping Olive is getting a little better each day!


Catherine Ivins said...

She is. Thank you so much! xo